A Guide to Video Keyword Research for YouTube


Over the years, YouTube has become popular over the world. With 2 billion users, YouTube is the second most used social media platform. Three former PayPal employees first launched YouTube in the year 2005. But the next year, Google bought the website for US$1.65 billion. YouTube offers various types of videos, such as comedy, educational, tutorials, and many more. With each day, the site is gaining more popularity, and users get influenced to upload more videos. One should post such videos that will get the viewers hooked to their channel. This can be done by creating content, which is knowledgeable or funny. Also, people do not like to watch videos that are lengthy and boring.

If you are a YouTube video creator should use the InVideo website to edit your videos. This site is free to use and makes video editing an easy job.

How to edit video in InVideo?

One can edit video on InVideo by following specific simple steps. First, visit the site and sign in for free. Then the page will open where you will find many templates already available. Search and choose a template that suits the message and video. InVideo also provides the opportunity to customize these templates according to your choice. One can add music, animation, transition, color, shapes, fonts, emojis, stickers, and many more. After editing, preview the video and check if it is to your liking. Then publish it once you are satisfied with the outcome.

Few tips to get more views on your YouTube videos

The first 3 seconds of your video is crucial as it determines whether the users will stay or not. Try and start the video with graphics and music that will grab the audience’s attention.

According to a study, most of us watch videos on social media with the volume on mute. Try and add texts so people can still understand what is going on in the videos.

Another critical point is to make the video dynamic. Try and incorporate a mixture of both pictures and videos.

Lastly add a transition, animation, icons, shapes, and other things to give the video a professional look. This will attract the viewers and make them stay until the end.

What is Video Keyword Research?

Video keyword research refers to the words and phrases that users use t search for a video on YouTube. As we know, YouTube is the most popular video website; that is why keyword research for videos is important for YouTube search.

Is video keyword research relevant to your YouTube channel?

As we know from the statistics YouTube has millions of users on their website every day to search for various videos such as sports, lifestyle, music, tutorials, educational, etc. Every content creator should be aware of the keywords their target audience is using to search for videos. If you name your videos using those keywords, then the possibility of your video being on top of the search page increases.

Ways to find keywords for your YouTube video

  1. YouTube Autocomplete

When we search for a small-time on YouTube, the website provides us with specific keywords. This is known as autocomplete. The best part about autocomplete that it is shows the most popular keywords. This is the way YouTube helps us to know which type of videos users are searching for. The autocomplete helps the content creators to name their videos accordingly so that people can see it without any hassle.

  1. Top videos of your competitors

Check out the channels of your competitors. You will find similar videos with a high number of views. This shows which keywords they used that worked. Try to look at channels that are of the same size as yours. Avoid copying keywords from the channels that have a huge subscriber count. Head over to your competitor’s channel and search the most popular videos. This will give an idea about what keywords to use to grab the attention of users.

  1. Look at your competitor’s tags.

Apart from the video title if you are a video ad maker then you can look at their competitor’s tags. YouTube has launched a feature where one can use various tags for their videos. Look at the description to find what tags were used by your competitors and try to use them.

Some YouTube statistic for the content creators

  1. YouTube users prefer mobile view more than desktop

According to a study, 70% of the watch time comes from mobile phones. Over the years, mobile views have exponentially grown rather than desktop. Make sure to create videos that will improve the mobile experience for the audience. YouTube offers a mobile view by default.

  1. YouTube usage by generation

YouTube is used by 90% of people between the ages of 18 to 44 years. According to a study, millennials spend more time on YouTube than on other social media platforms. Also 51% of elderly people over the age of 75 years use YouTube regularly. The content creator should have an idea about the age demography, as it will help them reach their target audience. One can use YouTube ads as a tool for businesses to reach their audience.

  1. YouTube is available in various languages.

One of the best things about YouTube is people can use the website in 80 different languages. This covers 90% of the Internet population. On the other hand, Facebook is available in 43 languages. Providing a broad range of languages helps the website to reach more people worldwide.

  1. YouTube is essential for business

Nearly 62% of businesses use YouTube as a marketing tool. With the importance of video growing each day, companies are making their channel on YouTube to display their services and products. This platform also helps the company to connect with their existing and potential customers. Companies can update their channel in a way that portrays their brand identity.

Creating content for a video is not very tough. With the help of specific tools, one can produce excellent videos and publish them online. Make sure to understand video keyword research as it plays a crucial role in your channel.




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