8 ways to make gaming from your bedroom more enjoyable


Gaming in comfort is a real escape for many. But how can you do this from your bedroom, with limited space? Here are our top tips for making gaming from your room more enjoyable.

  1. Create more space for your setup

Chairs, desks, consoles and monitors can take up a lot of room, so make sure your space is as streamlined as possible to avoid clutter. Use the space under your bed as storage – without drawers or an ottoman bed like the options offered at Divan Bed Centre, under your bed would just be dead space. Make it work better for you and get some good storage to make room for your gaming setup.

  1. Check your lighting

Make sure you have blackout curtains or blinds to avoid glare on your screen. Add in some lamps for a cosy feel, or even neon/RGB lights to add to the atmosphere of your favourite game.

  1. Keep the room well ventilated

Your equipment can heat up fast, and who wants to be sweating whilst in the middle of an intense game? Crack the windows open, or turn on your air conditioning to regulate temperature and circulate airflow. If that’s not an option, then pop some plants in the room as they are well known to clear the air, and improve your mood. Invest in an air purifier if needed, as ventilation is key for your health and the health of your gaming system too.

  1. Choose the right chair

Whether you are PC or console gaming, a standard desk chair won’t cut it. Get something supportive and comfortable, as you’ll be spending a lot of time in it.

It’s good to have separate areas for different activities, so investing in a chair and desk setup will be more beneficial for your mental and physical health, than just gaming from your bed.

  1. Optimise your sound

Invest in a good quality headset or headphones that will really transport you next time you sit down to play. Headphones may provide better audio, and headsets combine both microphone and audio needs – as well as often providing surround sound for a truly immersive experience and potentially better performance.

  1. Soundproofing

You want to make the experience more enjoyable for you, but also for whoever you live with – they don’t necessarily want to hear you yelling mid-game, and you’ll want to avoid any passive aggressive chat about your annoying habits. Add a door cover and a draft excluder to your door frame to ensure any gaps don’t let your noise leak out.

If you have a more advanced setup or don’t use a headset then you might require a bass trap to absorb the lower frequencies, for the benefit of your family/partner/housemates.

  1. Give the room character

Decorating your room is the fun part, and so create a space that helps you get in the zone. Add wall decals, collectables, posters or prints of your favourite characters or games, or lamps and mood lighting to inject extra style into your room.

  1. Tidy it up

Put up a shelf, or get hold of a good storage box to put your games and accessories away in. You might be working from this same desk during the lockdown, and do your future self a favour by tidying up when you’re done in the evening, so you don’t have to deal with it in the morning.

We hope these tips give you some ideas on how to improve your gaming experience from your own room – enjoy in comfort and style!




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