7 Unbelievable Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers Over the Cloud for Businesses

Dedicated servers and cloud servers are two different places to host your business website. There is a lot of hype that surrounds cloud server technology and one of the major reasons is the low cost and the amount of scalability. As per various researches, 9 out of 10 companies have opted for cloud hosting solutions for business websites. Even with these benefits of the cloud server, the dedicated hosting server is the best option for you if you have a big and growing website and your website needs to handle huge traffic and data processing. For a huge business, they have a huge workload and requirements such as strict data security systems, availability and uptime requirements, speed, etc. So in that case a dedicated server is the best option for them.

There are many benefits of using dedicated servers over cloud servers. Here we will have a look at 7 of the most surprising benefits of dedicated servers over cloud servers.

  1. Mission-Critical Applications

Those businesses with mission-critical applications will always choose a dedicated server for availing high reliability and uptime. The mission-critical applications will also include internal applications for smooth company operations or even for customer-related applications that are of high demand. When it comes to controlling world load and getting superior reliability, dedicated servers are the best.

  1. Backup Servers

Your business or organization might come across a situation when there is an outage due to some information security incident or any related crisis. In this case, you must immediately get access to your backup data to resume the smooth functioning of the business, without making and disturbances to the employees and customers. Dedicated servers for off-site backups are one such tool that you can use to ensure a security stance and better business operations without disruption.

  1. High Volume Web Servers

If the websites or applications is getting a huge volume of traffic on a regular basis, then the need to using a dedicated server increases. Such a situation is not well handled by cloud servers and you will be getting error messages, once the traffic and other workloads increase after a particular point. So to make sure that the website Hosting is up and running amid the heavy traffic and other workloads, you can very much opt for dedicated servers.

  1. SaaS Applications

Business organizations that host B2B applications such as software as a service application usually prefer dedicated servers over cloud resources. This will ensure client satisfaction and also helps them to get better control over their applications. By using the superior dedicated server, they can confidently give assurance to their clients that there will not be any type of prolonged downtime

  1. Video Conferencing and Streaming

These days most of the big organization uses the unified-communications-as-a-service as a part of their business operations. In this case, the dedicated servers are the best as it will support the enormous file size and bandwidth requirements that come along with video conferencing and streaming. For the huge demands of regular video file transmissions, dedicated servers are very much better than its cloud alternatives.

  1. I/O Intensive and Big Databases

Usually, on big databases, the process and applications will also be big, and in this case, a dedicated server needs to be used. High-end technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL have high-end input/output (I/O) intensive databases and they obviously choose dedicated servers. The dedicated servers are the best option if you need enough access to important data assets and customized software and configurations to support the growing workloads.

  1. Sensitive Data in Highly-Regulated Industries

There are always high risks of using cloud security for your business, and most organizations are not willing to accept this fact. In some cases, the company’s compliant team will demand the use of a dedicated server for the security of the business. There might be data leakage that comes along with issues like server errors and other things. When you use dedicated servers, you can implement access restrictions and privileges and this will help you in safeguarding your business from regulatory risk and cybercriminals.

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