7 Types of Branded Videos


Advertising agencies and brands began to do more image projects. On TV and the Internet, you now rarely see flashy videos about goods at a discount. The audience wants something more soulful. This is the reason for the growing popularity of branded video content that does not directly sells the product. Sometimes we can’t even understand what a company does but we see its philosophical approach, principles, or values that the brand promotes and how it positions itself. Successful brands come to the viewer not with a product but with a human story, influencing the level of emotions with the help of different types of branded videos.

What is Branded Video?

A brand video is a marketing tool that is designed to form a positive attitude toward a brand and increase its awareness. In such a clip, the emphasis is on the company, its values, and its philosophy.

Branded clips help to win consumer loyalty to the brand. This loyalty can then become decisive for the client when choosing among equivalent products from several manufacturers. A person will choose you if the values that you broadcast are close to him. He will want to associate himself with your brand.

What are the Types of Branding Videos?

There are several best branding video types, which we will discuss below. Each type of video from the list performs specific tasks.

Origin Story Video

If your brand has an interesting story, you should share it with the audience. Tell your potential clients how much effort you put in to be successful. A high-quality video will cause a strong emotional response from the audience and increase brand awareness.

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An explainer is a video that describes and presents your product, service, or business as a whole for further sale. Such a clip demonstrates the differences between the product and analogs, talks about its advantages, how to use it, etc. The content shows how to use a product, explains a new way to solve the audience’s problem, product differences from competitors, etc.


A real person who has already bought your products or used your services, and was so satisfied with the result that he decided to tell other people about it, will inspire much more trust than invited experts. After all, viewers can associate themselves with him, and understand that if someone could solve their problems with your help, then they should purchase your product or service. Testimonials create the impression of live communication. Users see an ordinary person in front of them, just like them, and begin to show more loyalty to your company. 

Company Culture

A corporate film is a video about a company’s culture. It displays information about the organization, its employees, specialization, achievements, etc. Such videos are shown to clients, partners, and a company’s staff. Their top goals are to educate, inform, and motivate. The main components of company culture content are an interesting acquaintance with the business and increasing customer trust.

Product Videos

A product video is a clip about a product, its benefits, and use cases. The clip replaces the buyer’s communication with a real seller in a regular store. The viewer sees how a person handles this product in the frame and through it, remotely uses it. A good video highly increases conversion.

Case Study

A case study is a video similar to a testimonial. But in this case, in the clip, you show the story of a particular client with details. Such content describes the client’s experience, his emotions, and tells how your product has influenced his life.

Brand Film

Brand videos are clips that explain the story and philosophy of your brand. The main purpose is to improve the company’s image and the loyalty of potential customers. This is a bright and emotional style video that you want to watch. The audience is happy to share it on social networks with their friends.

Why Do You Need Branded Video?

People are tired of monotonous pictures and boring video sequences, as well as intrusive advertising and direct sales. For several years now, there has been a demand for sincerity and humanity. People want to know how a product will solve their problems and make their lives better. 

Branded videos meet these needs. These are not just beautiful pictures or memorable melodies. The video sets an emotional tone, touches on important thoughts, and prompts reflection. It makes customers more loyal to the brand, which means it solves common marketing problems.

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