7 Tips For The Proper Care Of Your Sunglasses


High-quality sunglasses have many advantages. They are light, unbreakable, stylish, and offer extensive UV protection. But like other valuables, these also demand some care. Therefore, here we have put together seven helpful tips for caring for your sunglasses.

#1 Never Use Paper Handkerchief And T-shirt

Paper handkerchiefs are the absolute killer for your sunglasses. The rough cotton fibers absorb the dirt from the glasses and then distribute it over the entire surface. They act like sandpaper and destroy the coating on your glass surface. Unfortunately, you can create the same effect with the piece of your T-shirt by cleaning your sunglasses. Instead of this, use the professional microfiber cleaning cloth. You can opt for a microfiber sunglass pouch – it will serve your purpose of cleaning and the storage as well.

#2 Avoid Sand, Salt, And Chlorine Water

It is also important where you put your sunglasses. In summer, it quickly happens that it is placed on the lounger or next to the towel in the sand. Unfortunately, the grains of sand scratch the sensitive glasses as much as the other wrong placement does. So, avoid doing that and make sure that there are no grains of sand smuggled into your glasses case – these can damage your glasses due to movement during wear.

Apart from this, it would help if you also protect your sunglasses from salt water or chlorine in the pool. The frame and glasses do not tolerate both particularly well. While swimming, your sunglasses can wait quietly in the case on the edge of the pool until they are put back on. If you can’t do without sunglasses in the water, buy the professional swimming glasses.

Tip: If contact cannot be avoided, rinse your sunglasses with normal water immediately afterwards.

#3 Use Microfiber Or Commercially Available Wet Wipes

When you’re on the go, it’s best to clean your sunglasses with commercially available microfiber glasses wipes. They also absorb grease residues from the glasses without leaving streaks. Exclusive care products and sprays from specialist shops are recommended for heavier soiling. This will gently and thoroughly clean your glasses. Some care products even have an antistatic effect – this means that dust and dirt no longer stick to the glass so easily.

#4 Best Of All – Tap Water

Our good tap water is better than microfiber towels! It is best to clean your sunglasses under running, lukewarm water. For cleaning, use a drop of washing-up liquid or another pH-neutral, liquid cleaning agent. This gently rinses off dirt particles and releases fatty substances. It is best to use clean glasses cleaning cloth to dry the glasses.

#5 Ultrasonic Cleaning For Intensive Cleaning

From time to time, you can clean your sunglasses in an ultrasonic bath. It is the most thorough and intensive cleaning method. This method will clean your sunglasses lenses in a few minutes. No temperatures above 50 ° C. Your sunglasses don’t like hot temperatures above 50 ° C. These occur, for example, in a car parked in the sun. Due to the intense heat, the eyeglass frame can warp, the eyeglass lenses shrink and then no longer hold well in the frame.

#6 Get A Suitable Case

Even fine dust deposits on the glasses can disturb the view, plus, fine scratches also reduce protection against the dangerous UV rays. Therefore the rule of thumb applies: The sunglasses should either be on the nose – or in the best sunglass pouch or case.

Hard-shell cases provide the best protection. You can safely store them in a backpack or your pocket without worrying about your glasses – they work like a tank. However, if you prefer to use a pouch that takes up much less space, you should make sure that there is enough padding to protect the glasses and that they cannot simply fall out. Microfiber sunglass pouch serves best for this purpose.

Tip: Wrap the microfibre cloth around the glasses before you put your glasses in the case. This will avoid even the smallest dust particles.

#7 Regular Glasses Check

With everyday use, it is completely normal to adjust the sunglasses over and over again. But sometimes, it can loosen the screw connections. So, regularly check your glasses. But it doesn’t mean to become the repairman yourself. Doing so, most of the time, lead to a breakage of frame or scratch on glasses.

Bonus Tip: If you want to have something from your glasses for a long time, you shouldn’t put them in your hair or shirt. In this way, it not only scratches but can also quickly fall and break. Keep an eye on our blog for more such posts.




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