7 Reasons You Should Aspire To Become a Personal Assistant For a Corporate Business


If you’re a Personal Assistant wanting to progress your career, or if you aspire to become a Personal Assistant, a corporate environment can help you catapult your success. Here are seven reasons why corporate companies give you the best possible advantages in your career as a Personal Assistant.

1. Great perks and benefits

Corporate companies have large resources. This means they can offer benefits that smaller businesses just can’t afford. As a Personal Assistant for a corporate business, you could be entitled to perks such as a mobile phone, laptop, car space, and corporate credit card. You might also enjoy great benefits like gym memberships, health insurance benefits, study reimbursements, lunch provided, stock options, etc.

2. Career progression

Every Personal Assistant recruiter in Australia is keen to hear from candidates that have quality proven track records, these are the candidates that they can really promote to their clients as high value.  A corporate company is an ideal environment when it comes to career progression and building a track record with multiple stakeholders. You’ll learn a lot, you’ll get your name known and get to meet people who can help you in your future career too.

3. Exceptional facilities

You can only do your job to the best of your ability if your working environment allows you to. At a corporate company, you will enjoy outstanding facilities, from a modern, comfortable office to the latest technology and the highest standards when it comes to accessibility to resources. Generally, there is an HR presence and quality recruitment process in place too, all resulting in stronger management and fitting colleagues and peers. All of these things make it much easier for you to do your best work every day.

4. Build your personal brand

When it comes to improving your reputation as a Personal Assistant, a corporate company looks great on your resume. Other employers are much more likely to be interested in you if you have worked for a brand they’ve heard of. And, as the standards are so high, you will automatically be thought of as extremely competent.

5. A strong support network

It’s always easier to do a good job when you can learn from your peers and bounce ideas off other people in similar roles. A corporate business is large enough that you are much more likely to have colleagues in similar roles to you, so you can share ideas. At a smaller company, you might be the only Personal Assistant, making it harder to achieve this level of support.

6. Structured training

One of the main advantages of working for a corporate company is that they almost always provide training in a structured way. Training doesn’t finish after the induction, it is ongoing and tailored to ensure you can succeed in your job and strive for new opportunities within the business that suits you. This will make you feel more confident doing your job, as well as give you some worthwhile qualifications to build your capabilities and your resume.

7. High standards

The standards expected at a corporate business are generally very high. You will learn a lot about exceeding expectations when it comes to attention to detail, results in orientation, and meeting deadlines, which will stand you in great stead for a stellar career as a Personal Assistant – improving your ability to excel at interviews in the future too!

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