7 Items to Always Keep in Your Hunting Pack


Hunting is an exhilarating experience on its own. This sport has been practiced since ancient times and has sustained even through the modern era. Hunting has been around well before civilizations could take over. For the early man, hunting was the only way of life. During the early times, hunting was practiced in order to provide for food and survival.

This included the early man to go about scavenging around in search of what would sustain them. This could be as simple as picking edible fruits from trees or when fallen in the ground or going to extreme lengths and hunting down animals for their meat. The earliest hunters were not equipped with any form of protection or gear in order to assist them. They might have used hand-made tools, sharp stones, or even fire to attack their prey. Once the kill was done, the flesh was extracted or cut and consumed either raw or cooked under fire.

With time, hunting has grown to be more of recreational activity. Today, hunting is more sophisticated than it was earlier. Modern-day hunting involves specific gear, tools, and protection aid. Today hunting involves a group activity where people sharing the same interest get together to go for the kill. Now, it is important for modern-day hunters to be well equipped with all the necessary requirements. As you will be out in the wilds, you need to be well-prepared for any situation. So, let us take a look at some of the items you might want to keep close when on a hunting spree:

  1. Your Rain Gear

Wilds, as the name suggests are just that; wild. You might never be able to predict what is to come. It might be sunny today and can get pouring the very next day. So, it is best to be prepared. Good quality rain gear is the call of the day. Good rain gear acts as good protection from various weather conditions like the winds, the cold, and of course the rain. Rain gear can be unfolded at any place and at any time to be used. It should be durable, lightweight, and easy to carry.

  1. Medical Kit

Hunting is an adventurous sport. This requires you to be ready for any situation to come. A well-stocked medical kit is much required as can come in handy whenever. Your medical kit should contain all the essentials that are required. Make sure you have your own supply of all the required medicines and other requirements like a bandage etc handy.

  1. Sewing Kit

As mentioned earlier, hunting is exciting, fun, and unpredictable. So, it is best to be prepared for the worst. A needle and a thread can be a savior in various situations. Be it stitching up your tent, your shoes, or any such things that require patching up, your sewing kit is the thing to keep close by. Also recommended are a few safety pins, as these two are great for a quick-fix situation.

  1. Weapon Supplies

Weapons as required are one of the main essentials on a hunting trip. Once you have selected the kind of weapons you might need, be sure to run them through as well. These should be thoroughly checked up and maintained so that they better work when needed. Some expert advice on carrying an extra set of ammunition as it could always come in handy under the required circumstances. You can also keep a hoverboard with you to do camping in a fun way.

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  1. A Good Light

When out in the wild, well you are left to the devices of nature. So, you better be prepared for the worst. As you are in the lap of nature, it is always a good idea to carry along good lighting equipment. A couple of Glow sticks, Flashlights, and Headlamps are a must-have when out hunting. The reasons for a good source of light might be plenty. You might have to pack and carry your kill which happened in the dark, so you need to do so with the help of good light.

  1. The Game Bags

Not many like to think about this piece of equipment, but a Gamebag is essential when it comes to packing it right when on a hunt. This does not have to be a hassle as most might think, but the game bags are in fact quite lightweight and easy to carry about. With the growing need for competition, more and more manufacturers are coming up with easy to pack materials used, improved durability and longevity. Game bags are a must-have when you have to haul away the meat to your campsite.

  1. The Multipurpose Knife

This is a no-brainer. When out in the wilds, in the middle of nature, you better be prepared for the ninnies. A good knife set or a multipurpose knife is almost a synonym for ‘going hunting’. A good multipurpose knife is used for various purposes ranging from simply clearing out the bushes to chopping small pieces of wood when required, for packing and unpacking purposes, and of course for cutting pieces of meat after the game. Not to forget that we also might require a nice knife for self-defense purposes.

Hunting is an adventurous activity, where you are in an intimate relationship with the wild. Here you are at the complete disposal of nature and therefore, you need to be prepared. Hunting is more of a learning process wherein you get back to basics with survival. While planning on hunting it is required of you to be best prepared. It can be a real downer, if you have traveled all the way into your favorite hunting spot, only to discover that a certain piece of essential is missing. Draw out a checklist and make sure you go through it over and over again. Better still, consult with a seasoned hunter to get a first-hand report of what the hunting experience is like.




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