6 ways to Lose Belly Fat Based on Science

Belly fat not only makes you look out of shape, but it is also unhealthy. In fact, a lot of fat in your abdominal region can lead to issues like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For that reason, getting rid of belly fat has a lot of benefits to your health, and you get to live longer.

You can estimate your belly fat by measuring your waist’s circumference. You can do this at home with the help of a tape measure. Any value above 102 cm for men and 88cm for women is considered abdominal obesity.

If there is excess fat around your waist, you need to get rid of it, even if you do not feel overweight. Fortunately, there are workout activities that specifically target your belly region to help you get rid of belly fat. Here are the things you can do to help you lose belly fat.

Stay away from sugar and avoid sugar-based drinks

Added sugar is not healthy at all. Research has shown that sugar has a negative effect on the body’s metabolism. Sugar is 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. It can only be broken down by your liver in substantial quantities. Consuming lots of sugar overloads your liver with fructose, which forces it to convert this sugar into fat. With time, you will put on weight and possibly become obese.

If you are already struggling with weight loss and you looking for an effective way to lose belly fat, try HGH. You will be able to lose that extra pound within a short time without working too much. It is available commercially as HGH for sale. With HGH for sale, your body’s metabolism will improve causing it to burn all the stored fat. However, be sure to consult your doctor just to be sure that HGH for sale will work for you as well as performing your own research on hghvallarta.com.

Eat more protein

Protein is an important nutrient when it comes to weight management. Studies have shown that eating plenty of proteins reduces cravings by more than 60 percent. It also boosts your body’s metabolic rate by more than 80 percent each day. It also lowers your daily calorie intake by close to 441.

If you wish to lose weight, make proteins part of your diet. Not only do proteins help you lose weight, but you will also be able to keep your weight down. Research has also shown that proteins help in the fight against belly fat.

If you find that keeping your weight down is a challenge, include protein supplements like whey protein in your diet. It will improve your overall protein intake.

Kick Carbs out of your diet

Cutting your total carb intake is also an effective way to fight belly fat. Many studies support this conclusion. When you cut down your carb intake, your desire to eat more also goes down, which helps you lose weight.

If you would rather not cut carbs out of your diet completely, you could try a low-carb diet. It will also lead to a quick reduction in your water weight, and the results are almost instant. You will notice a difference in your weight within 2 days.

Include viscous fiber in your diet

Dietary fiber comes in the form of indigestible matter. There are numerous claims that consuming fiber can help you keep your weight down. While this is true, remember that it might not be the case with all fiber. Only viscous and soluble fiber can help you lose weight.

Viscous fiber bonds with water forming a thick gel that sits in your gut. It causes food to move at a much slower pace within your digestive system. Food also is digested and absorbed into the blood at a much slower rate. The result is a full stomach for most of the day and very few cravings.


Working out helps your body stay fit. It is one of the few things that give the body its strength and good health. Also, exercise helps your body keep diseases out.

Try aerobic activities like running, walking, or swimming. Research has shown that these activities have a significant effect in helping you lose belly fat. Other studies have also shown that exercise can prevent you from regaining belly fat after losing weight. This implies exercise helps in weight management.

Exercise also helps the body fight inflammation, blood sugar, and improves your body’s metabolic issues linked to belly fat. However, there is another way for maintaining a good body shape. You can check out the best Wasit Trimmer Belts for this.

Keep track of what and how much you eat

What you feed your boy matters. This is common knowledge, but some people have no idea what they are dumping into their bodies. Most people believe they are on high proteins or low carbs, but radically under or overestimate. You can cook chicken by following the fried chicken recipe.

If you wish to optimize your diet, keep track of what you consume. That does not mean weighing or measuring everything you eat. However, do it occasionally so that you know what changes you should make.

Final Word

Belly fat is unsightly and unhealthy. It can lead to health complications if not checked. If you have been struggling with belly fat, the tips in this article can help you clear it for good.

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