6 Common Kurti Mistakes to Avoid Making Repeatedly 


Dressing to a Kurti may seem simple and fun. However, there are some mistakes that most women make and they are not aware of them. These mistakes contribute to dulling down your entire look. Hence it is good to know what these mistakes are to upgrade your Kurti look. Therefore, if you love wearing your Kurti as your favorite piece of Indian wear. It is time to know what common mistakes most women make. Also how to avoid others that you see on other women that make you cringe. This will help up your Kurti game and look beautiful in the Kurti design that you choose. Here are common Kurti mistakes that you should know about to avoid repeating them.

  1. Not considering your body type

This is a common mistake among most women especially those who follow trends. When a trend does not fit your body shape and you cannot work around it. It is best to keep off that trend for you will get one that will favor your body type. This all comes down to knowing how well to dress depending on the shape that you have. For instance, if you are of a curvy shape and you want to wear the trendy short printed Kurtiswith fitting bottoms. This look can be paired with an ethnic shrug or long jacket to divert attention away from your frame. As for the slender body type you can work your way around your body shape and wear a long Kurti, fancy sleeves with fitting pants to give you a fuller appearance. Hence you must avoid this mistake to look better with a Kurti.

  1. Choosing the wrong fabric 

Picking the wrong Kurti fabric is another mistake to avoid. When you are choosing the fabric you must consider your body type as discussed earlier. The weather and the event that you are attending are also to be considered when you choose the fabric. For instance, you cannot wear a chiffon Kurti to a winter party or a velvet one to a summer party event. Also, flowy fabrics as chiffons are perfect for festive occasions. While for daily wear cotton fabrics are best but you need to consider your body type and weather to ensure it blends well with your fabric of choice. Avoid polyester while choosing a Kurti for they do not flatter most body types.

  1. Selecting the wrong innerwear 

Did you know the type of inner wear that you choose can affect your Kurti look? For instance, contrasting colored bras are a major fashion faux par and will never look good. Unless it is for a beach look with a Kurti cover-up. Nonetheless, if you are planning to wear a see-through Kurti like a chikankari Kurti it is best to wear a bra that does not show off. This mistake is common as most women just wear any bra and forget when it is seen through their clothes it messes up the whole ensemble. On the other hand, with fabrics like silk, a padded bra is best to pair your Kurti since it falls perfectly and shows off a smooth silhouette. Therefore, it is best to wear a bra that fits the Kurti you are wearing to avoid any innerwear woes.

  1. Selecting the wrong Kurti size 

There is nothing less stylish as an ill-fitting Kurti. That’s why you need to know the right Kurti size for you. The mistake with size comes about when one is buying their Kurti and especially when buying your Kurti online. Since various branded Kurtis come with different Kurti sizes and it is best to confirm if the Kurti you are buying is your exact fit. This is because they are made in bulk especially for ready-made Kurtis. Although the Kurti size may be off when it is some inches off. it can easily be altered to your perfect size by your tailor.

  1. Forgetting to check the details

There are several details you need to check with your Kurti. Some of them like inner lining, darts, and stitches are the common details that have faults in them and can affect your Kurti look. For instance, the lining that comes attached to the Kurti. If it is too tight or too loose will affect how the Kurti silhouette looks on your body. Hence it is important to try the Kurti on before buying it to know if the lining looks right on you. As for darts and stitches, they help give your Kurti a good shape and should still be done in the right place. Check that your stitches are well done to avoid a hem running loose.

  1. Choosing the wrong neck and sleeve design

The neck and sleeve design are important parts of the Kurti that have to be considered. Since they contribute to how the Kurti will look and fit you. Therefore, pay enough attention to them for the impact they have on your Kurti. As for the neckline, the best choice is choosing one that entails your chest size and how it fits with the fabric that you are wearing. All in all, the neckline you choose should be the one you are comfortable with. While for the sleeve design, there are many things to consider the sleeve pattern and length. If you want one that hides your heavy arms there are several sleeves that you can choose. As for the length, it will depend on the type of Kurti that you are wearing.

In conclusion, although a Kurti is an easy attire to throw on. Sometimes there are avoidable mistakes that can mess the overall ensemble. Hence it is important to bring you’re A-game while choosing a Kurti type and also learning how to wear it right and styling it as well. The above common mistakes most of them have one affecting the other. Since every detail in a Kurti should be considered to have a perfect looking Kurti.




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