5 Tools You Should Have to Start Gardening

Different gardening tools are needed for weeding, planting, digging, harvesting, pruning, and many other garden maintenance activities. It is important to have all these tools, even before you erect and plan your garden. The following tools are some of the most essential garden tools you need;

Digging Spade

This is one of the most essential tools for gardening. You need it to dig and even plow the garden soil. You need to choose the stainless-steel digging spade because other options can rust quickly after prolonged usage.

The Garden Trowel

This is one of the most important hand tools for gardening activities.   The garden trowel, as well as the hand forks, are some of the most widely used tools for gardening. Make sure you choose a garden trowel with a comfortable handle alongside a well-fitted blade that wouldn’t fall off over time. The hand trowel can be used for transplanting, digging, and even planting.

The Garden Knife

A small garden knife is needed in the garden for handling several functions. It can be used in cutting string, flowers, or sticks. Sometimes, the garden knife can be used to trim your veggies, fruits, and some weeds. You should consider carrying the garden knife in your pocket for easy access. You may want to consider the garden knife that easily folds into a wooden handle, for your safety and convenience.

Fencing Pliers

Fencing pliers are more than necessary for building fences in your garden, they can be used in the espalier of flowers, stalk, and trees. The typical fence plier can be used to attach chain link mesh fencing to the tensile wire surrounding your garden. Hog rings are normally attached to these pliers to handle different wire thicknesses. You can read Fencing Pliers Reviews to learn more about these tools and how they are important for the garden.

The Garden Hoe

Sometimes referred to as the heavy-duty hoe, this tool is needed for removing unwanted weeds and for breaking new garden grounds. The garden hoe can also be used to remove stubborn weeds in the garden. One of the main benefits of the garden hoe is that it is more convenient than the shovel or spade. Its blade is also set at the appropriate angle to minimize the efforts required and to achieve a much better result.


In addition to the garden tools mentioned above, there are several other garden tools considered to be highly essential. The fork hoe, for instance, is right-angled hoes and this arrangement has provided much better leverage for digging a lot easier. The dibber is another tool that may seem irrelevant but in an actual sense, it can be used in creating planting holes for your seeds, seedlings, and bulbs. You may choose the calibrated dibber if you are particular about the depth of planting for the seeds or bulbs. The wheelbarrow is also an essential garden tool for transporting all sorts of things to and from your garden. You may want to choose the hard-plastic option or galvanized wheelbarrow for your gardening.

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