5 Must-Have 3D Printing Accessories

The advancement and innovations of technology once again surprised the world with the fantastic discovery of 3D printing.  In 3D printing, an image of an object is created by the computer with the help of multiple layering of different materials. The most common material used for printing is plastic because of its affordability and availability.

3D printing forms many products like laser transfer paper that prints a design to paper or any other fabric with the help of heat. If you are giddy with excitement to buy a new 3D printer, then before making the purchase, you should first know about its essential accessories.

Here, while reading this article, you will get to know the 5 must-have 3D printing accessories.

  1. Filament Storage Container

The filament storage container is one of the essential accessories of a 3D printer, which is often ignored by printer owners. If you do not have this fantastic filament storage container, then it can cost you difficulties like breakage, spoiling, and adhesion of the bad layers. When the filaments are store in these containers, they will not be affected by dust, humidity, insects, or any other thing which can spoil the material.  These containers are available in different sizes.

You can buy a random airtight filament container, or you can also buy a vacuum one. The boxes are also available in sets, which will be sufficient to store the entire filament. You can quickly fix these containers to the printer so that it becomes easy for the transfer of filament.

  1. 3D Print Remover

For excellent 3D printing, the material should tightly attach to the printer. If the content does not stick properly, the printing will not be as efficient as you planned. Therefore, every time you print you should stick the material to the printing bed. By doing this, the printing will be fantabulous, but removing the afterword mess is always stressful. Every 3D printer owner must have used a knife at least once to clean the stuck part of the material. No matter how careful you become while using the knife somehow, it can give a permanent scratch to the printer.

To save yourself, and your printer from any harm, it is essential to buy a 3D print remover tool. These tools are precisely like a knife with a slight difference of having not so sharp tips. They are a little curve to make the removal process smooth. The remover tool is available in different sizes, and the holder part is made up of various materials. You can buy any of them according to your preference.

  1. Extra Printing Bed

The first layer of printing should be perfect for successful 3D printing. The first layer provides the base to the print, and if the printing bed is of good quality, your support will be smooth and with excellent finishing. The new glass printing beds are now replacing the traditional printing beds due to their durability. They are capable of tolerating high temperatures. The glass printing beds are easy to clean, but they are prone to breakage. If these glass beds break rapidly, it can become a burden to your pocket.

The following are the examples of some of the top 3D printing bed and surfaces which can take your 3D printing game to the next level.

  • Buildtak

It is a trendy 3D printing surface that makes the printing experience more quick and smooth. These surfaces are available in different sizes and shapes to give a perfect fit for 3D printers. They are adhesive stickers, which will adhere to the printing bed. Once a session of 3D printing has completed, you can take off the upper two layers, and your 3D printing bed is ready for the next print. It is easy to use and economical also.

  • PLA filament

The polylactic acid filament is the most widely used 3D printing material because of its reusable property, making it a biodegradable option. This material is easy to use and does not require any heat during the printing process. It is odorless and has low warp issues.

  • 3D gloop

It helps in sticking 3D print on the surface of the 3D printer bed. Make sure that you use this type of surface only on the glass bed 3D printer. On glass material, it can quickly be removed with a scraper or remover tool.

The direction of use is straightforward. You will put some of the material from the tube on the surface of the bed, if you have a brush, you can spread the content by it, or you can use any scraper for spreading it. Once the spreading is complete, your 3D surface is ready for the printing session. It works best at 60°C but it can also work at room temperature.

  • Heated glass print bed

People consider the heated glass print bed as an ideal choice for 3D printing. It gives easy removal and a glossy smooth finish to the final printing product. The primary material of this type of printing bed is borosilicate.

  1. Cleaning 

The cleaning essentials of your 3D printer should always be near the printing machine. Before every print cleaning of the printing, the bed is essential.

  • Printing bed cleaner

You can use isopropyl alcohol for the cleaning of a 3D printer bed. Whenever you do printing, there are some parts left that stick to the surface bed. A good cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and the cotton swab can make the surface clean and shiny and give prints a more polished look. You can also use alcohol swabs of first aid kit, which are very cheap.

  • Nozzle cleaner

The melted plastic material used during the printing can easily block the extrusion nozzle. Since it is one of the essential parts of a 3D printer, its maintenance is mandatory for the proper functioning of the device. It may seem an effortless task, but it is among one of the most challenging processes of 3D printer maintenance. You should buy the nozzle cleaning kit, which has the perfect tools used for cleaning purposes.

  1. Digital Caliper

During 3D printing, it is essential to make efficient and accurate measurements of the substance of which you are planning a printout. A digital caliper is a tool used for measuring purposes. You should measure the length accurately so that your print will turn out to be perfect. A digital caliper is also used in measuring the filament because, most of the time, the diameter of the filament is not the same as they claim.


There are many more accessories, without which the 3D printer cannot function properly. Each of the above accessories is equally imperative for your 3D printer. Make a proper survey and cost comparison between different companies and then get moving with buying your printer.

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