5 Must Do Tips for Better Instagram Marketing for Business

Instagram is a great social networking platform to market and sells the product related to your business. Since it was launched in 2010, it still continues to explode in popularity. According to the official press release; 1 billion users are actively using this platform every month. The other interesting news is 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day, people like 4.2 billion posts in a day, and the user spends around 53 minutes on Instagram every day.

This statistics not only says Instagram is a popular networking site but also says engagement with the people is very easy since it has a large number of active users. This makes a great opportunity for the companies to market and sell their product and increase the fan base.

  1. Facilitating Contests

If you are new to Instagram then running a contest will give you a great opportunity to establish yourself. Moreover, it helps you to get more generous followers. So, run a contest regularly. Many companies disclose their individual products on Instagram through contests. It demands the users to mention the company’s username or post their own entries with a custom hashtag.

For example, a technology company disclosed their own custom leather iPad cases and ask it’s users to post Instagram photos of their existing cases. The company used a custom hashtag namely #brandxcasegiveaway for its contest; so then it can be easily monitored the contest. On Instagram, 50% of stories are created by businesses. Come up with a unique idea and share an interesting story and announce your contest to get more engagement. Consider to buy Instagram likes on this post to reach out to more people.

  1. Engage regularly through Photo a Day

Another famous company and blogger activity on Instagram released a “Photo a Day” calendars at the starting day of every month. Users can make utilize that and upload the photo per day related to their day’s topic. Many companies tied with “Photo a day” for giveaways and products. If one photo for a contest entry gives a company good exposure just think how many total posts per month will give?

  1. Use Hashtags

Even though hashtags can be used to find out the contest entries; it acts as a great marker to identify the people searching for a specific topic. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to go overboard, or else people will get annoyed. The main purpose of using a hashtag is to articulate a certain issue. The tagged user must come up with a theme then his/her followers will associate themselves with it. When you have a compelling one, people who have an interest in it will then talk about it by using the same hashtag.

  1. Link with other social networks

One of the simple and useful ways of marketing your business is to link your Instagram account with other social networking sites.

  1. A word on Personalization

Instagram has a unique identification when compared with other social networking sites. It offers a personalized view into the daily lives, workings of celebrities, and some of the biggest brands. Photos can convey more messages than personal text.

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