5-minute Exercises That Can Make a Huge Difference


A regular workout routine is essential for people who have a fitness goal and motivation to cut down the extra blubber from their body. The Sick to Fit transition and transformation requires you to be sincere to yourself initially. Everything else comes in the latter phase. Once you are motivated towards reaching your ideal weight and your fitness goals, there is no such thing as a time constraint that can become a hurdle. Still, if you are someone on a tight schedule and you are too stubborn to give up on your health, you can take out at least 5 minutes for yourself and get on a 5-minute workout for fast weight loss. 

The good part is you can always add some new exercises. Keep performing these exercises and fitness drills add them to your routine and change them with some better exercises. All of this might seem to you as something ridiculous. What if I tell you you can burn up to 20 calories a minute of a high-intensity interval workout. You can watch fitness, sports, and health-based programs using Spectrum channels. You can order Spectrum and check out the channels they are offering by calling on their helpline service. Here are a few exercises that you can include in your 5-minute workouts:

Do Some Sprints

This requires an individual to run at a faster speed. 

You can take up a wall that is at a very short distance from your starting point.

Run towards a wall and touch the ground once you reach your endpoint or the wall. 

Return to the starting point maintaining the same speed and touch the ground of your starting point.

Do 10 reps of each and try maintaining your speed throughout. 

Burn Out With Some Jumping Jacks

You can start off by standing in a slightly bent position of knees.

Your hands should be resting on your thighs. 

Maintaining the knees in a bent position jump and open your arms and legs. 

Remember that your legs should open out to the sides. 

Your arms should be above your head and your legs should be wider than your shoulders.

Return in your starting position and do at least 10 reps

Burn Out The Blubber With Burpees

Stand on your feet and get down in a pushup position.

Get back with your hips back and knees in a bent position.

Your lower body has to be in a squat position. 

Jump with your feet back so that you land with hands by your sides.

Raise your arms above your head with a jump in the air.

Do at least 10 of these rapid movements. 

Push Your Limits With Push-ups

Get on the floor using all your fours and position your hands a little wider than your shoulders. 

Your legs should be extended back so that you can maintain a balance on your hands and your toes. 

Your posture should be straight the whole time.

Contract your abs and your core should be tight as well and pull your belly button to your spine. 

Dive down and pull yourself up, this will make up one single pushup. 

Do these 10 times. 

Get Rid Of The Belly Fat With Mountain Climbers

Get in a plank position with your knees in and your toes on the floor.

Jump the feet in the air and switch sides. 

Your right foot should be back, and your left foot should be ready to go forward.

Do 10 of these.

Lie On The Ground And Do Some Bicycle Crunches/Kicks

Lie on the ground with your back pressed to the ground. 

Your hands should be behind your back. 

Bring your knees close to your chest.

Try lifting your shoulder blades off the ground. You have to do this without pulling your neck 

Keep your right leg straight. 

Make sure that it gets to a 45-degree angle.

Now you should turn your upper body to the left. 

Bring your right elbow where your left knee is.

Make sure that your rib cage is moving along with your elbows.

Switch sides and do the same movement on the other side.

Do around three sets each of 20 reps.

Apart from that, you can add some weight training exercises as well. You can follow different coaches and different experts from the fitness industry. But make sure that you do perform such exercises in gyms or by taking the help of your instructor as many of these exercises can get you fractures or injuries of your spine and other sensitive parts of your body. 

Key Takeaways

The real benefit is experienced once you are done with your workout for the day. Apart from that, a five-minute intense workout can help you burn fat throughout the day and you may experience “afterburn effect” for as long as 48 hours or more after working out intensely as your body consumes more oxygen. This means more oxygen consumption and more calorie/fat burn. During the current lockdown situation, you can find ample time to work out and keep yourself fit. Apart from that, you can keep yourself fit and healthy by eating healthy food and avoiding junk food.




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