Many people prefer spending their vacations by playing sports such as snooker, golf in the Algarve golf course, football, and many more. Have you ever thought of playing video games with your friends? You must be thinking it won’t be that much fun but once you play it, you will fell in love with it.

Even many teenagers spend their Saturday night playing sports games on their Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. They spend the whole night playing and competing with each other. You might be thinking that this will be bad for their eyes and backbone and probably make them dull but do you know gaming enhances your memory? In addition, gaming also improves coordination skills. It teaches how to work as a team to win. There are many more advantages of playing games, especially sports games. Today, we will talk about the top 5 amazing video games that you won’t regret.


FIFA is one of the top-rated games. As a matter of fact, people call their friends to play FIFA for hours. Furthermore, FIFA competitions are also common in many countries. FIFA is a football game in which you need to score.

FIFA has different versions such as FIFA 2017, FIFA, 2018, and many more. The latest is FIFA 2019. There is not too much change but you might find better graphics with the update team in the latest version.


In the world of wrestling, WWE rules. You will also find WWE video games available on all gaming consoles and computers. Like FIFA, WWE also has new versions every year. The latest one is WWE 2K19. However, every year new wrestlers are added with different story modes. Furthermore, new versions of WWE bring a lot of changes such as graphics, moves, abilities, and many more.


After football and cricket, basketball ranks as third loved game of all time, especially in America. As a matter of fact, Americans are crazy about basketball. They call it American Football. However, many other countries such as Spain. Philippines, South Korea, and many more also love basketball.

NBA is a basketball video game in which you will find all the American players. Like WWE and FIFA, every year you will find a new version of the NBA.

Rocket League

People love football and car sports so why not have both in one? Rocket League is a game where you need to control your car and bump it in a huge ball into your opponent’s goal. It is like playing football while sitting in a car. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

The rules are simple, in order to win you need to score more than your opponent before the clock runs out. All you need to do is bump into the football and push it to the opponent’s goal. You can use other options which are turbo and jumps. You can play it online too.

Trackmania Turbo

Do you love car racing games? Then this one is for you. Trackmania is a car racing game like Need For Speed. The biggest advantage of Trackmania is that you can play with your friends however you can’t play Need For Speed with your friends (unless it is online). 

Just grab your controllers and choose the track. Moreover, there are over 100 tracks and if you got bored, you can either randomly generate a track or create your own tracks according to your level. The rules are simple, the first one to finish the laps wins the game.


Esports like overwatch boosting are getting popular day by day. In fact, these days people prefer playing video games than playing outside. Some people even earn by playing video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, etc. Sports games are also played widely. It doesn’t matter which console you have, just invite your friends, grab a pair of controllers and start playing. You won’t regret a single moment.

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