5 Fashion Sneakers That Can Be Business Casual


Business-casual attire has evolved since its introduction during the 1990s. The comfortable dress code was originally a perk designed to entice talented employees to apply to new technology companies. By offering a casual workplace environment, several startup companies were able to attract employees from well-honed competitors by offering a more relaxed atmosphere.

The casual-attire bonus has now become the norm in many corporations where employees can show up at the office wearing Asics or Diadora sneakers and still be taken seriously. The convenience and wide selection available through internet shopping also make it easy to find a wide range of discount sneakers online.

Here are five fashion sneakers from Asics and Diadora that will easily fit in with a business casual dress code while also providing comfort and style.

  1. Roadhawk

Being fast, swift, and ready to move in between workstations and offices can make a noticeable difference when standing out from a sea of employees is a route to success. For modern office pros making their way up the corporate ladder, agility is key. Simple and solid-colored business-casual slacks paired with clean Asics Roadhawk sneakers will communicate that an individual is ready for any task or assignment threw his or her way. Maintaining a look of solid professionalism need not be jeopardized by also opting for comfortable feet.

  1. B.Elite

The B.Elite sneaker series by Diadora can replace the traditional lace-up loafer while assuring the team that the wearer is someone both responsible and committed to the company. Demonstrating a desire to grow with an organization, regardless of how laidback its atmosphere might be, can help propel a candidate to the head of the pack. This Diadora sneaker speaks confidence in volumes but also does so subtly.

  1. Quantum

Asics’ Quantum line comes in fashionably bright colors; they can be the hump-day pick-me-up that everyone needs to see. When the entire staff shows up each day wearing the same casual polo shirts and chino pants, the odds are that it will become tiring at some point. When working late or attending a long meeting, these colorful Asics sneakers can serve as a reminder that there’s more to life than being at the office.

  1. Pitch

Diadora’s Pitch model is perfect for doing just that; presenting information in a clear and convincing manner. This sneaker helps build credibility by demonstrating that the presenter isn’t part of a fly-by-night operation. Presenting at a meeting where the goal is to effectively pitch buyers or investors on the benefits of a casual-environment company requires the right mixture of modern style and professionalism. Available in a variety of colors, Diadora’s Pitch sneakers exude confidence and trust in a calm and collected manner.

  1. GEL-Kenun

The GEL-Kenun model from Asics is a versatile shoe that blends in with just about any professional garment. Owing to the shoe’s cirrus cloud pattern, it casually but assuredly communicates that the wearer is in the know when it comes to advanced technical skills. Asics’ lightweight and comfortable sneaker model is a great way to announce that the tech-support department has arrived.

Finding the right discount sneakers online for the modern professional to wear in a casual-dress office environment is no formidable task. There is a sneaker model that will fit whatever style or comfort level the occasion demands.




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