5 Essentials for a Modern Living Room

When you have guests over, you probably spend time in the living room. And it’s also reserved for some quality family time, being the room where the social life happens and where you can sit and talk, play board games, watch movies, eat popcorn, and so on. This is the reason why it’s the room you have to pay attention to the most. If you want to modernize it and make it your favorite room among all, here are some design tips and the list of essentials you’ll need.

Is it indoor or outdoor? Wait, it’s both!

Are you ready to have a transparent living room which enables more contact with the surrounding landscape? If you like the thought of that, you’ll be happy to learn that lately it has been quite a hit. More and more people are going for this style because it can look truly magnificent. The end of the distinction between indoor and outdoor has come and we can enjoy looking at amazing nature while sitting in our comfy armchair drinking tea. Imagine how you invite friends over for a cup of coffee and chat with them while delighting in beautiful greenery, but without having to actually be outdoors and deal with all those boring insects.

Add a touch of glamour

In addition to the previous paragraph, what do you think about glass divider walls? Transparency is trendy and you can modernize you living room this way a lot. Maybe you don’t want to blend indoor and outdoor, but you prefer blending more rooms in your house, one of them being your living room. It’s very glamorous as well, especially if you combine it with bold details-nice luxurious furniture, for instance beautiful sofas perfect for lounging, armchairs where you can get comfy with your cup of warm chocolate, high-end stuff like modern-looking end tables or coffee tables, fireplace and a big mirror above it, etc.

Classy with a contemporary edge

Maybe you’ll like the idea of a cozy, yet elegant living room and the bright and open space. Here are some amazing eclectic houses with perfect living rooms that can inspire you. Putting a fireplace is what makes it classy, but adding interesting details can give you that contemporary look that you desire. For example, instead of a coffee table you can put several tabourets in different colors. If you have white walls, your furniture can be black, white and navy blue.

Colorful, bright, happy and with different prints

It seems that another trendy movement this year is enriching your rooms with plenty of colors! You can mix different prints and both dark and light shades if you are audacious to get that contemporary look. For example, you can go with animal-printed pillows, but blankets can have a polka dot print. You can also try the other way around. If you really want your living room to look modern and awesome, don’t be afraid to match what seems unmatchable at first look.

Nothing without some contemporary art

If you want a choice that’s smart, put some contemporary art! Art and décor are sometimes everything you need to make a room look more modern and chic, so your living room will appreciate this addition. For example, this year butterflies are quite popular because they are super cute, so anything with butterflies will make your living room trendy. To get some great and weird ideas, there are many remarkable contemporary artists whose works you can check out. You don’t have to buy pricey master-pieces, but you can get some inspiration to know what to look for, no matter if you prefer pictures, sculptures, weird shapes of lightning or maybe hanging plants. You can even add all these details and it can still look glorious.

Designing a room can always be fun, no matter if we do it alone or we pay for the services of a professional. Maybe hiring someone was a better option before, but today we can see everything in magazines, catalogs, on the internet… You can always come across amazing ideas! These five styles have been modern recently, so if you want a trendy living room, you won’t make a mistake if you go for some of them. After all, you can always google about it and see what’s hot and what’s not.

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