5 Classic Mehndi Designs to Flaunt At Your Wedding

‘Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna’, remember the evergreen song from the Bollywood flick DDLJ. The song was played back in the ’90s in most of the wedding and it revolved around the auspiciousness of the mehndi ceremony. Mehndi or henna is one of the attributes of Solah shringar which stands for the 16 steps of beautification. The art of applying mehndi on hands and feet has been part of our culture since the age of the Vedas. The dark red color of mehndi is supposed to be symbolic of purity and love. It is said that darker is the mehndi the purer and stronger is the bond shared between the couple. Talk about weddings and that too Indian ones, a big fat Indian wedding is deemed to be incomplete without a mehndi ceremony.

Are you planning to get hitched in the industrial hub of Punjab? You must have then booked the top mehndi artist in Kolkata. Are you tired of the traditional mehndi designs? Looking for contemporary mehndi designs that are not the way to offbeat yet look gorgeous? To help you out we present a list of some classic mehndi designs that are perfect for flaunting at weddings.

  1. Paisley Design

The timeless charm of the paisley prints makes them a popular mehndi design choice. The classy paisley design features a curvy motif with intricate strokes. The paisley design has the main emphasis on symmetry. From small to large curvy structures the timeless charm of this classic mehndi design never seems to fade away.

  1. Flower Design

Flowers are a girl’s second love the first one is diamonds as they are forever. Floral patterns and flower décor are quite popular at weddings. Floral mehndi designs owning to the variety of patterns available are most sought after. The best part of floral mehndi design is that it blends seamlessly with any bridal outfit. The tiny leaves inscribed along with the floral motifs accentuate the beauty of the hands of the bride. The petals and twirling vines patterns make the design intriguing.

  1. Couple Motif Design

A mehndi design that has gained a lot of popularity is the banna banni one. The couple motif mehndi features caricatures of the couple made along with quirky quotes and intriguing patterns. If you’re looking for an offbeat design that is a work of art then give the couple motif mehndi a try.

  1. Moroccan Design

Drawing inspiration from tribal art that boosts patterns and symbols, the Moroccan mehndi design was created. The Moroccan mehndi design looks more like a wester tribal tattoo. The zig-zag lines and the quirky patterns inscribed in the design give it a masculine touch. In some regions of Indian, even the groom has to apply mehndi and is associated with more of a feminine thing is a reason the dulha shy’s away from it. The Moroccan mehndi not being way too elaborate can be sported easily by the men as a henna tattoo.

   5.Arabic Mehndi

As the name suggests the Arabic mehndi draws its inspiration from the Arabic lands where it was sported by the women there. The Arabic Mehndi design features elements such as cashew nut patterns, palm leaves amidst a lot of shading. With the influences from the Mughals, the Arabic mehndi design is also termed as Mughlai mehndi and has gained a lot of popularity amongst the young women of India.

  1. Pakistani Design

Being a neighbor of our country the Pakistani mehndi design shares a lot of similarities with the Indian mehndi. What separates the Pakistani mehndi from the Indian mehndi design is that the Indian elements such as Kalash, banna banni are ditched and are replaced with elements such as domes, flowers and leaf patterns. Just like Indian mehndi design the Pakistani mehndi also boasts of elaborate mandala motifs.

So these are a few classic mehndi designs that levels up a bride’s wedding game. Which mehndi design are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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