4 Tips for Ensuring Security in the Workplace

A wide ranging security system in your workplace environment is of crucial importance. This includes both physical and cyber security. An effective security plan will protect both the physical assets of your business as well as your client information stored on your computers and servers.

A simple investment in an access control system is the first step of many to ensure that your company has the relevant security measures in place to protect both the employees and clients. This refers to both physical safety while in the workplace environment as well as protection of information. For total cover, consider the following 4 tips that will ensure security in the workplace.

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Data Security

Data or cyber security refers to the actions an employer takes to protect a company’s data, client and employee information. Depending on the nature of your business, your client information is often your greatest asset, right?

Client information should be treated confidentially, whether it’s in the form of financial records or credit history. Compromised client information can lead to identity theft or significant losses both financially and to the credibility of the business.

Businesses that deal with customers’ information should invest in anti-hacking software and additional security programmes to limit the risk of information being hacked or compromised.

Software that tracks employees’ digital footprints is also an option to look at. You can identify fraudulent actions and this will ensure your data is protected from both internal and external threats.

Software that monitors internet security is also a major component in data security. This will involve monitoring of browser histories, internet searches and internet usage as a whole.Having the correct protocol in place will deter hackers or cyber criminals from gaining access to your client information.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems should be part of security in all businesses and companies. An access control system limits the risk to the business by controlling who can access areas, resources or information in the work environment. Your security system can consist of two types of access control namely physical and logical:

  • Physical access control: This is the form of security primarily limiting access to buildings. Facilities are secured by an electronic access control system that relies on authorised credentials and the use of access card readers. Information is stored and only authorised employees will have access.
  • Logical access control: Also regulated by employee authorisations, this security system protects data, system files and computer networks, usually in server rooms.

Both forms of access control require authentication of users in the form of passwords or PIN numbers to enter or access a space or particular information.

Server Room Security

Server rooms are areas within a business that have been designated for the storage of data servers and any related computer devices used for networking. There are three main points to consider when it comes to the protection of your server room:

  • Access cards: The best way to ensure the safety of the information stored in your server room is to use card access control systems. By restricting access to the server room, there’s less chance of breaches. Every employee that needs access will have an access card or code for entry and exit. All movement into the room is monitored and security breaches can easily be tracked to the person responsible.
  • Uninterruptible power supply devices: Uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is usually a backup to the main source of power maintaining the server room. Should the power go out in the server room, the UPS will immediately take over the function of powering the servers. Power surges will then not occur and servers won’t be damaged. A UPS also enables repairs to be done on individual networks without needing to switch off any of the servers.
  • Cool temperature: Ensuring your server room has a controlled temperature is very important because heat can easily cause damage to your equipment. Servers, processors, and other electronic devices produce heat while on and therefore need cool air to maintain a consistent temperature.

Surveillance in the Workplace

Protecting your workplace environment is a number one concern for every employer. If your business is the type of company that has many visitors passing through every day, you have undoubtedly given some thought to video surveillance.

Video surveillance monitors visitors at all entrance and exit points.Together with an access control security system, a video surveillance system can assist with preventing intruders. This is because it’s an excellent deterrent. Footage can also provide evidence for police investigations.

Video surveillance provides you with real time data and can also give your employees peace of mind knowing that they are working in a protected environment. On the flip side, video surveillance will also protect you from any internal crime issues.

In Closing

Crime is on the increase in all areas of our lives. This includes your work environment. You need to ensure you take every precautionary measure to protect employees, client information and assets. Installing the correct security system will go a long way towards achieving this.

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