3 Steps To Take To Clean Your Roof in Raleigh North Carolina


Life after a natural disaster, such as a massive wind storm or a tornado, is usually devastating, if not frustrating. This roofing company www.koalaroofingco.com/ says that homeowners think about his/her damaged properties, the psychological effect the natural disaster has had on his/her family, and many other things. Not only do these natural disasters cause damage to lives and properties, but they also do serious injury to our finances.

After a natural disaster, you suddenly have a long list of casualties that can only be solved with money. Not to mention that you still have to take financial care of essential responsibilities like paying the utility bills, feeding, and school fees if you have a child.

Have you ever thought about carrying out those repairs yourself? Of course, you have. You just don’t know how to go about it, because, well, it’s not your profession. Well, this article is going to teach you how to make it “your profession” for the time being.

Honestly, carrying out Do It Yourself (DIY) activities is cost-effective but could cause more damages to you or your property, if not done well. The cost of cleaning a roof is very expensive; anything that is related to a roof is actually costly. Therefore, this article will teach you how to save some cool cash by cleaning your roof yourself. Let’s get started.

Three Do It Yourself (DIY) tips to clean your roof after a heavy wind storm or a tornado.

  1. Get the right types of equipment: a farmer to hoe, a soldier to his gun, and you to your roof equipment. You need to have the right equipment to be able to clean your roof properly. Some of this equipment will be listed, and their uses will be explained
  • Ladder: unless you are tall enough to reach your roof without support, a ladder should be the first implement you need. With a ladder, you have an adequate support tool that will help you to climb up to your roof.
  • Harness: because of the damages caused by a massive storm or tornado, a roof could be slippery or too weak to carry your weight. Therefore, you need a harness to hold you tight and keep you from falling from your roof.
  • Garden hose: a garden hose is simply a material that is used in watering a garden. In this context, while cleaning your roof, you will use a garden hose to splash water on your roof.
  • Non-corrosive cleaning agent: if you want to clean your roof, you should make provisions for a cleaning agent, advisably, a non-corrosive one or an eco-friendly cleaning agent. Any other type of cleaning agent may react with the materials used in building your roof and may cause further damages.

You can also ask a roofer for advice on the equipment you need to clean your roof. Remember, while selecting or buying these products, you should be careful not to exceed your budget.

  1. Pick the perfect time: have you ever imagined what will happen if you were cleaning your roof under intense sunlight? What about being on your roof and suddenly the clouds open and rain starts to fall? Here is what happens. Under intense sunlight, you will be extremely uncomfortable, and if care is not taken, you might develop health issues. On the other hand, when rain falls, the roof becomes slippery. This increases the chances of accidents and injuries. Therefore, before going on your roof to carry out any activity, especially cleaning your roof, you are advised to pick the right weather. The right weather is when the sun is out, but the weather is not too hot. You could check the roof to know what the weather forecast says, but seeing as those guys are not always right. You have to rely on your guts and instincts to determine the best time to clean your roof.
  2. Check your roof: now that you have gotten the right equipment and determined the perfect time for cleaning your roof, there is one more thing to do. Before you start cleaning your roof, you should take a critical look at the damages you want to clean. Let’s face it; some damages should indeed be left for professionals while there are damages that we the laymen can handle by ourselves. Therefore, if the damages caused by the storm are above your expertise, you are advised to call a professional roofer.

Finally, asides from saving off roof repair money, cleaning your roof on your own add to the list of adventures and DIY activities that you can boast of to your friends. Please follow the steps mentioned above while cleaning your roof.




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