3 Reasons Why You Should Blog Anonymously

When it comes to blogging, a lot of people do it so that they can share their opinion on certain matters and can get their name out there. But while gaining some popularity is fun, not all bloggers do it to become famous. Some just want to share their opinions without being judged, and some want to speak against the taboos of society. That is why a lot of people blog anonymously and share their opinions from behind the curtains on platforms like The Doe. Let’s have a look at a few of the major reasons for which people blog anonymously.

No Extra Pressure

When you are writing a blog, you can feel a lot of pressure sometimes. Not only will you be making it available to read for the people, but you would be receiving feedback as well. And negative feedback on the internet can be harsh, which a lot of people find hard to deal with. You will fear that you will be joked about and become a victim of cyberbullying. But when you are blogging anonymously, you would not have to worry about any of it.

You Can Speak Up About Sensitive Issue

Blogging anonymously also provides you the luxury to speak about the topics that you would not be able to speak about openly due to societal norms. The taboos of society often get overlooked, and they are mostly the ones that are having negative effects on a lot of people. The only way of bringing change is to educate people about it and by showing them how they can differentiate between right and wrong. Anonymous blogging helps you strike these important conversations without putting a target on your back.

It Can Work As a Gimmick

For some people blogging anonymously is not about security or removing pressure; it is just a gimmick for them to pique the interest of the readers. When you are sharing opinions and stories anonymously, you make the readers wonder about your personality, and that curiosity can do wonders for your readership. A lot of bloggers are already doing it, and you can jump on that bandwagon too if you want to try something out of the ordinary.

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