3 Highly Effective Ways to Clear Your Mind


Whether you have been spending too much time worrying about work, or can’t switch off from other concerns to have some relaxation time, you should think about trying out some new ideas for clearing your mind. You don’t have to book a plane to Tibet, or even sign up for a meditation class, as there are numerous other options that might work for you, such as:

Outdoors exercising

Being outdoors is good for your health, as research such as this article from Harvard Medical School gives evidence of. Adding exercise into the mix provides a double-whammy of goodness, even if it is just walking at a moderate pace.

“Walking on the road” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Bods

However, doing more vigorous exercise will help you even further by boosting your mood, provided you don’t take it too far. A study at Yale University found that people who exercised for 30-60 minutes three to five times a week benefited the most in terms of their mental health. Choose an activity that you enjoy doing so that you are more likely to stay motivated to do it. Exercising with a friend can also give you some added motivation to stick at it.

Planning and problem solving

Another good way to unburden your mind is to spend some time planning your future and working through any problems that have been playing on your mind. Some people find it beneficial to visit a psychic to talk about their life and get some clarity. If you don’t have time to go and visit one, you can use online Clairvoyant services such as TheCircle.

Once you have developed a clearer plan for the future, you should find that some of the smaller worries are not as pressing. As detailed in Psychology Today, having a better idea of what is causing you stress and then putting an action plan in place is the best way to reduce stress and therefore clear your mind.

Have a good sleep routine

Not getting enough sleep can leave you tired and less capable of dealing with any issues you are facing. Establishing a good sleep routine is good for you and has many health benefits. If you have trouble getting to sleep, you might need to make some changes to your diet, as alcohol and some foods can prevent you from sleeping well.

Source: Pixabay

You should avoid going on your smartphone before bed as this can stop you from getting to sleep; it has been proven that the blue light from the LED screen can cause problems with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Try to do calming things before you go to sleep, and when you have had a good sleep you will feel more refreshed and in a better mood.

These are three highly effective ways to clear your mind of worries and feel better prepared for taking on life’s challenges. Remember, if you are feeling low and need some support, you should talk to a health professional about your concerns and help to find the right solution.




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