2 Unconventional Pillow Types You should Know

When it comes to choosing the best pillow type, there are numerous pillow types to select from which can make it quite confusing when it’s time to make our selection. Two of the best pillow types are the buckwheat pillow and the latex pillow. That being said, how does one know which pillow is suitable for you? The aim of this article is to show why buckwheat and the best latex pillows are the standout solutions for those that want a restful night.

Best buckwheat pillow

To the average individual buckwheat pillows might appear to be an extremely monotonous and simple product. The best buckwheat pillows are the result of buckwheat hulls and a pillowcase. That is it. Yet there are numerous people that would beg to differ on the simplicity of the product. It might be easy to say that the buckwheat pillow is so simple, but there is quite a lot that goes into its composition to ensure that anyone that makes use of it gets a wonderful night’s sleep. You have to take into account the fabric, the scent, the sturdiness, the number of hulls, where it’s manufactured and much more.

What are buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat pillows have actually been used for centuries in numerous Asian countries such as Japan. Buckwheat in this sense is a fruit and should not be confused with the grain wheat. The buckwheat hulls are husks which protect its seeds from the natural elements. For the buckwheat to be de- hulled, it takes an extremely intricate process.

Why choose buckwheat as a pillow filling?

Buckwheat pillows naturally are extremely firm, as they provide a mold that is not only pliable but sturdy. When you use a buckwheat pillow, you do not have to worry about your pillows collapsing in the dead of night. You are able to move those hulls around, shaping the pillow the way you want, offering you relief from neck pain whilst ensuring your spine is aligned.

Buckwheat pillows all come with zippers making it easy to remove or add fillings enabling you to adjust just how thick or thin the pillow is. You do not have to worry about inhaling potentially dangerous toxins or chemicals as buckwheat pillows are natural. When you properly take care of the pillows, they are able to last for as long as 10 years.

Best latex pillow

If there were any terms utilised to describe just how latex pillows feel, bouncy, responsive, healthy and soft would be among the list. There are numerous varying types of fills which can be used for nighttime pillow support, however, solid latex centres are becoming ever so popular thanks to their cooling, long-lasting comfort.

What exactly is a latex pillow made from?

As its name clearly alludes, a latex pillow is constructed from latex which is usually derived from rubber tree sap. A latex pillow is typically made from the natural substance or it could be a mix of synthetic and pure latex. The way latex is made is that it undergoes a process called polymer transformation to make it the durable, hardy material that we know in our pillows.

Why would anyone want a latex pillow?

Latex has garnered a reputation for being contouring and highly responsive, whilst still being able to instantly snap back instead of sinking under whatever weight it is put under like other structures made out of foam. It also helps that latex is extremely durable and long-lasting. It is not a material that permanently decompresses, nor is it one that breaks down seamlessly. It has proven times without numbers that are able to last much longer compared to other products. Latex pillows also have hypoallergenic properties, dust mite, mould, and antimicrobial resistance and that makes them a wonderful choice for those individuals that suffer from allergies. While pure latex pillows are considered to be the best choice for their hypoallergenic qualifies, synthetic blends can also measure up for those individuals that want something blended

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