10 Simple Steps to Rank Your Blog

Did you start a blog as a hobby, and then you realized you could earn from it? It must be cool to do what you love and get some bucks in your pocket? Now before you celebrate, there are things you need to change and probably hire SEO expert to work with you. Why do you need to hire? Well, if you need serious cash, your blog needs to start getting high ranks. So, with experts, you will relax as they help your blog to achieve that. We have also compiled ten simple steps to improve your blog below:

1.Quality content

Raise your bar by writing relevant blogs. It is not only good for your readers, but for the sake of getting better ranking. Give knockout content to your visitors.

2.SEO friendly blog

When you build a beautiful website, it is not for show off but helps the search engine rankings. Ensure the content inside is a win too. Use affordable SEO services to show you what an SEO friendly blog entails.

3.META Description

META is an essential element to consider. It encourages clicks that result from the search engine. The rich snippets, with a short text, describe what the reader expects to find. So, it should be enticing. Remember to focus the keyword and avoid stuffing.

4. Add images

People get attracted more to pictures. For your readers to enjoy the whole package, add them between your well-done content. This integration will give good traffic to your site.

5. Old to new

Do you remember those useful old article blogs you did some time back? It is time to go to achieve and give them a new face. Your blog should always look fresh to attract traffic.

6. Internal links

Using many internal links in your blog will market your posts attracting more readers. The links give them a reason to stick a little longer in your site, as long as the links have informative content. However, don’t exceed 100.

7. Use social share buttons

Maximize your blog exposure by using social share buttons. Help your readers to share your content and send it to their social media platform. If people find them interesting and relevant, they are likely to share them with their friends.

8. Speed up your website

By enhancing your site speed, you create a smooth path for your readers to access your site. Otherwise, a slow loading page creates a high bounce rate that may affect your ranking. Work with SEO experts to avoid this experience. You can also find free SEO tools to boost your site speed.

9. URL’s structure

One theory of creating a proper URL for blog posts is to use a full title but short. Don’t focus much on a search engine, thus forgetting your audience. Create a URL with relevant information to your readers. A few rules you need to apply through;

  • Unless it is imperative, don’t use the date when creating a URL. It might cause duplication.
  • Dashes are better than underscores.
  • Lowercase letters are better to use than uppercase.

10. WP SEO plugins

The WP software tools are easily accessible for blogging, and most of them are free. WordPress also has affordable SEO services that understand the prerequisites of an excellent blog. Some tools you can use to increase your ranking are; WP Yoast for SEO, Google XML sitemaps, W3 Total Cache.

In conclusion, seriously, if you use all the ten steps of ranking your blog, you will reap big from your blog. If you are not certain how to apply them, you can hire SEO experts to help you out. Today many people are turning to blogs to search for information relating to their needs. Find what they want and serve them on a silver platter.

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