You Will Thank Us – 5 Tips About EVENING WEAR You Need To Know

Tip #1: Determine the Right Evening Wear for Your Body Shape

Before you purchase any type of formal dress, it is important to consider your unique and beautiful body shape. Choose the best type of evening wear that will highlight your best bits and will balance your body’s natural figure in the best way possible.

Most women fall into one of the following body shape categories:

* PEAR SHAPE – characterized by having large but defined hips, which are wider than the bust and shoulders. This shape is the most common figure proportion among women. The best type of evening wear for this type of body proportion would be a shift dress, maxi dress, or a-line dress.

* HOURGLASS SHAPE – characterized by having nearly equal bust and hip measurements, with a narrow and defined waist measurement. This type of body shape is the most desirable body shape for women. The best type of evening wear for this type of body proportion would be a wrap dress, mermaid dress, or bodycon dress.

* APPLE SHAPE – characterized by having broad shoulders, full bust, and carry a little more in their midsection. Apple-shaped women also tend to have thinner legs, hips, and arms. The best type of evening wear for this type of body proportion would be a midi dress, flowy tunics, or a-line dress.

* ATHLETIC SHAPE – characterized by having straight hips, wide shoulders, and a skinny, sporty body. Most athletic shaped women are the best showing off their toned elegant figure. The best type of evening wear for this type of body proportion would be a halter dress, wrap dress, or asymmetrical dress.

Tip #2: Shawls and Wraps for Evening Dresses

Having shawls and wraps for evening dress lets you go sleeveless without being cold and without showing much skin if you’re on the conservative side. With shawls and wraps, you can also create a new lux statement from a simple and boring dress through its embellished pieces that offer glitter or other materials that will surely add a wow-factor to your evening dress.

And not to mention, wearing shawls and wraps for evening dresses can be used for every occasion, such as weddings, evening parties, indoor or outdoor affairs, or any special occasion for extra warmth to keep those cold winds out. These shawls and wraps are real value investments that can bring a lot of quality to your wardrobe.

Tip #3: Choose the Perfect Color for Your Complexion

When choosing an evening gown, it is always advisable to focus on colors that match your complexion. Although some people may prefer popping colors or overly pale colors, it may not look flattering for certain skin tones.

If you’re in the warmer side, it is recommended to choose colors that richly reflect nature such as olive, ivory, orchid, red, amber, and the likes. On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone, sky blue, emerald green, or anything pastel would fit nicely in your evening wear color palettes.

Tip #4: Don’t Just Follow the Trend

Conforming to the latest and trendiest evening gowns is not necessary since trends typically just come and go. It is always advisable to stick with the classics and choose timeless evening gowns that will highlight your best parts. Adding some shawls and wraps for evening dresses can be a great addition too.

Tip #5: Look for the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is probably one of the most important steps that will drastically affect your overall look. Although this step can be overwhelming since there are a lot of fabrics in the market, you can always seek help from your local tailor or designer for the best fabric that will suit your preference and budget.

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