You Wear It Well: 6 Tips and Guides on How To Dress Well and Look Dapper

There are no certain rules in fashion. You can play whatever color you like, experiment with fabrics you fancy, and be yourself. It is all about personal style wearing. Low-end or high-end designer labels, it does not matter as long as you do you, you will be fine. However, even though there is a wide array of options, it is important to keep in mind that there are particular classic styles that stood the test of time. These are styles that will never fade easily into the background.

Of course, each one of us has an opinion when it comes to dressing up. There are doubts that some clothes or colors do not always complement each other. Menswear is something that baffles a lot of men because it comes more abundant, experimental, and trendy. But there are some styles that you can go back to when dressing up gets confusing. 

These style tips are based on the criteria of versatility, good fit, and value, among other things. Nevertheless, it is a part of the ever-changing dynamic pleasure of clothing. Again, when it comes to fashion, there is no set of rules, you could try combining two things to see if it suits you. Here are fundamental tips when dressing up:

Invest in a Good Watch

There are tons of reasons why men should own a watch. Aside from its function, it is also a piece of art. Wearing a watch can also improve your style and appearance. A watch reflects your style and becomes a form of self-expression. With a watch, you can express your personality and style without uttering even a single word. If that is not powerful to you, I don’t know what will.

Aside from the fit, it should also feel right on you based on its depth and size relative to your wrist. Some watch brands that you could never go wrong with are Rolex, Zenith, Cartier, Bulgari, and Shinola. Functional, reliable, and convenient; it is totally mind-blowing how a small accessory has a huge impact on your overall look and feel.

Money on Shoes

A pair of shoes may be one of the most underrated pieces in a guy’s style toolbox. It is essential to own more pairs of shoes with varying styles, funky designs, or weird accents. There are more to black and brown experiments on blue suedes and red leather. But you can never go wrong leaning on the classic style of shoes like saddle shoes, loafers, brogues, and plain, dark round toes. A pair of casual leather shoes make a plain-looking everyday outfit look trendy and stylish. 

Stick to Solid Neutral Colors

You could always rely on the power of neutral colors when it comes to dressing up. Colors like olive white, navy, brown, black, grey and, many others that are not overpowering can be easily mixed up with something. The thing is when you have a neutral wardrobe, you do not need to match and mix colors since they are essentially self-working.

Do Not Over Accessorize

Accessories may make or break you. The accessories like the typical pockets square and ties bring a sense of individuality to classic clothing. Still, you should know how to properly incorporate them to harmonize with what you are wearing. 

What you do not want to happen is to match them up. Matching their color combination is a recipe for disaster. What you could do is your tie or pocket square should be in a darker hue than your jacket. And do not over-accessorize. Always keep in mind that less is more. 

Dress for the Setting

There is more to style than just being self-expression. It is also about being appropriately dressed for the setting. You cannot wear shorts when going to church, or wear jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail party. The worst type of style is standing out for the wrong reasons. Make sure to double-check the dress codes to properly prepare for the occasion. It is not a kind of conformity but as a form of respect for others, as well. 

Know Yourself

It is important to know yourself since it will make you well-rounded and aware of your sense of style. You have to own your style, whether you’re wearing ripped jeans or a tuxedo. You have got to commit to it like it is your second skin and not a costume. If you’re not comfortable with what you are wearing, it will show. 


There are tons of things to know about a good style that you could even enroll in a master class if there is one. But for men, there are actually fairly simple codes. The fact is dressing well is a skill that, like any other skill, can be improved.

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