You Organize An Event? What Equipment Should You Have?


In event planning, different clients usually have varying requirements. When gauging the success of an event, many people think that leaving the client happy is all there is to it. While this is often the main object, professional event planners understand that the way an event was collectively executed is the true measure of success. A well-executed event should push the organizers beyond their comfort zone, thus improving their service delivery.

Event planning is an industry that relies heavily on numerous different equipment. These facilities often can be categorized into three different groups namely event management, photography, and lighting equipment. If your business is still in its initial stages, you can opt to rent various facilities. To find more information about AV rental inventory, be sure to visit SYNC productions.

The type of equipment needed largely depends on the size of the event. Big events often need state-of-the-art equipment with a team of professionals to run them. On the other hand, small and medium events don’t require heavy-budget facilities. Using equipment that is meant for large events on small and medium-sized functions won’t have much impact. Another determinant that influences the type of tools used in an event is the nature of that particular event. This implies that the equipment of a beer-garden party would vary from a function that has dangerous stunts.

Necessary Equipment in Event Planning

Even though events vary, some equipment is a must-have irrespective of the occasion. The following is a list of equipment you should have that’ll help you in your day-to-day operations.

Sound Systems

Sound is an important element in any event; as an event planner, it’s worth knowing that having good sound equipment stretches beyond microphones. It’s also ensuring that everyone in attendance hears whatever is being communicated clearly from wherever place they are seated. Sound equipment has the capability of influencing the attitude of the people who’ve attended by making the event lively.

Video Facilities

Any serious event organizer ought to factor in video equipment that’ll aid in capturing special moments. Professionals who are in this field know that great videography work entails well coordination and directing. This means that there has to be a special team that consists of a cameraperson, director, and other additional staff that are normally required for professional video shooting works.


Lighting is one of the fundamental pieces of equipment in the event organizing industry. Not only do they help in keeping the venue well illuminated, but they also aid in setting the appropriate mood. Some of the most commonly used lightings include up-lighting, pyrotechnics, and lasers. The things that you have to consider before deploying various lighting techniques are whether the venue has appropriate lighting if it’s possible to dim the lighting during presentations and whether the bars and buffet are well lit to give the guest an easy time of spotting the different types of meals available.

Registration Forms

This is yet another factor that is very important in event organizing. Even though it’s sometimes ignored by a section of event planners, registration forms are very important especially during this time where you can easily be sued. Thus, if your event has any of the attributes mentioned below, it’ll surely require a registration form; If you’re anticipating a gust number that is above 100 people, if you’re expecting to have a professional figure who’ll be attending, will there be hazardous things such as generators, fireworks, and cooking equipment. Moreover, an event that covers controversial content also features in this category.


Signs and banners can be used to direct the guest to various locations at an event. You can use them to help people find things such as traffic spots besides controlling the general traffic of the attendees.


There’s a lot of things that normally go into place to facilitate the smooth running of an event. Knowing the particular industry in which that event is in would certainly help you in choosing the most suitable equipment for that occasion. The facts provided above give good detail of some of the most common equipment and several guidelines on how to use them. If you’re just starting in the event planning industry, implementing them will ensure you’re off to a good start.




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