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Have you ever faced this situation: You liked a video on YouTube and want to save it in your phone’s gallery? But you sigh as you can’t figure out how to download it. Y2Mate is a convenient application for downloading YouTube videos in different resolutions.

However, the problem is the unwanted ads. They often take you to many websites that may contain viruses. Does Y2Mate appear safe? Should you use this application on your device? We will answer all these questions regarding Y2Mate. Let’s dive in without further ado!

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What is Y2Mate?

Y2Mate is free downloading software that was launched in 2016. It allows you to download videos and audio in different formats. You can get videos MP4, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, etc.

The app is simple to use that doesn’t require any signup. More importantly, it doesn’t have any restrictions. You can download unlimited videos and audio from YouTube and other free sites.

How to Download Videos from Y2Mate?

Step: 1) First, open the YouTube app directly from the browser. Then, copy the URL.

Step: 2) Next, open your Y2Mate software and paste the URL in the search box. Now, tap on the OK option.

Step: 3) Finally, wait for a few seconds until the options appear. Select your preferred format of the particular video and press the download icon to initiate the download procedure.

Is Y2mate Safe To Use?

It is safe to use Y2mate, but its recommended ads may include viruses. The ads usually start coming one after another when you click the start button to precede the download.

Furthermore, many push notifications will pop up from the top section. If you mistakenly press the “Allow” button, then annoying notifications will keep coming even when you are not using it.

Y2mate shows many third-party ads and pop-up notifications that may contain viruses and malware. It may put a potential risk to your device to lose data for installing PUPs.

How to Get Rid Of Viruses after Using Y2Mate?

Usually, viruses may enter your computer in three ways: ads, notifications, and PUPs. You can remove these viruses and ensure optimal security by following our guides.

How to Remove Notifications

Step: 1) First, open your Chrome browser and press the three dots from the upper right section.

Step: 2) Then, go a little bit down and keep scrolling until you find the “Settings” option.

Step: 3) Now, press the “Settings” icon and type Notifications in the search panel to find it quickly.

Step: 4) Afterward, select the “Privacy and Security” option from the next section and tap on “Site settings. “Wait until a new page comes.

Step: 5) Then, go a little bit down and find the “Notifications” option. You will find out Y2Mate site links after a few scrolls.

Step: 6) Once you find the sites, press on the three dots to prevent the site from sending any notifications in the future.

How to Uninstall PUPs

Step: 1) First, visit the control panel from your computer and choose “Programs and Features.” You will be moved to a new window.

Step: 2) Now, all the installed applications or programs will be visible. Check out if either of them looks unfamiliar or risky.

Step: 3) If you notice any unwanted app, immediately tap on it, followed by the uninstall option. Refresh the computer to see any further unfamiliar programs.

Scan Your Computer for Further Security

Some temporary viruses might still be in your computer. It is better to scan your PC. Follow these steps to scan your computer:

Step: 1) Press the Windows button from your keyboard and type “Windows Defender” in the search box.

Step: 2) Click on the same name and wait until a new window appears.

Step: 3) Then, tap on the “Virus & Threat Protection” option to keep your computer safe.

Step: 4) Finally, choose the “Quick Scan ” option to scan your PC. Wait for a few minutes until the whole scanning is complete. Close the window once it is finished.

Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos Using Y2Mate? 

Most YouTube videos have copyrights. Hence, it is illegal to download them. Getting these videos without the owner’s permission violates their terms and conditions.

But, most people download copyrighted videos even though they know it is unethical. However, you can download those videos that don’t have any copyrights or certifications.

Should You Trust Y2Mate?

Absolutely not! Y2Mate shows many third-party website links and adult content through ads. Who knows, third parties will not steal your personal information when you click on the link?

No doubt, Y2Mate is pretty simple and free to use. But, it poses a risk of losing your important files and data from your device. Cross-check before using this software.

Wrapping Up

So, what have you decided? Should you use Y2Mate to download YouTube videos? You can use it on your computer if your device has no sensitive information.

Make sure to use the ad-blocker plugin to stop seeing unwanted ads. Alternatively, you can download YouTube videos from different types of free websites.




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