“To join in the industrial revolution, you needed to open a factory; in the Internet revolution, you need to open a laptop”-Alexis Ohanian

The tech-industry is competing for producing the best portable computers. The competition involves designing laptops with high standards of the battery, and processing power, etc. Dell, Intel, and Apple are the proud front runners in this contest. Ram is the working/system memory. This memory is volatile. It means that it stores data only until the system is on.

Before we move forward, it is important to understand that the increasing size of the ram will not speed up the tasks that your computer is completing.

You must be astonished, but yes, expanding your laptop’s ram will indeed allow your system to take on a larger number of tasks at a time, and not speeding up the completion of tasks.

Let’s get to the main topic at hand. Increasing the ram size of a laptop does not have any drawback other than the fact that you may spend funds on a piece of hardware that your laptop might not even utilize at all.

Now that we’ve discussed the possible negative effects, let us understand why and when we would need 32GB of ram on our laptops.

Firstly we should appreciate how companies like Dell, Intel, and Apple have consistently produced impeccable hardware. Their rams contain the finest transistors. The most accurate identifier of when your system needs an update on the ram is the constant freezing of the system, which is due to the lack of memory.

To double-check the cause of freezing, open the task manager on your laptop. Then open the performance tab to see if the graph signals the system memory to be the cause of this issue.

Nowadays, a lot of applications are taking up too much of the system memory, so it does not run smoothly, such as Adobe Photoshop. This is because image processing always takes a toll on the memory of the laptop.

Similarly, the use of virtual machines requires an expanded ram so every machine can get access to a reasonable amount of resources.

A 32 GB laptop ram laptop will support multiple virtual machines, and will still save a ton of memory.

In this era of 4k videos, it is improbable that a professional graphics designer or editor could work without 4k, and installing 32 GB ram is a necessity to keep your laptop running smoothly.

Google chrome is another factor that compels you to install a larger ram because this browser silently eats away your memory. Opening A few tabs can eat away Gigabytes of memory, which may prompt a restart, as no memory is available to the system applications.

In conclusion, I would say that 32GB ram laptops are not a necessity, but if the option of possessing one is available then pounce on it because system requirements for the latest games and applications will only distance themselves from specifications that an average laptop has.




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