Why Rent a Laptop? 10 Great Reasons why Renting is Better Than Buying

When laptop prices are as low as they are today, you may be wondering why people still rent laptops. Depending on how important access to a laptop is to your business, there are actually many benefits to cycling through rented laptops rather than buying one for yourself.

This is a short guide to the benefits of renting computers and why even a cheap purchase may not always be the best choice for your needs.

1. Short-Term Needs

Some of us don’t need a laptop all the time, such as those who work at a company that provides computers that fulfill our daily work needs. In that case, for the occasional times that you need to take work home with you, you may want to take advantage of a laptop rental to do so.

2. Desktop users

Desktop users that are put in a situation where they need a laptop are grateful to have the option to rent a laptop without having to make a comparatively more expensive purchase for technology that they don’t need for the long term.

3. Specific programs

Some laptops are proficient at running certain programs. If you have a short-term need for an office suite or graphic design program that you can’t run on your desktop or iPad, a laptop rental may help you out.

Once the project is over, you can return it.

4. Specificity

This just means that there are a lot of specific options available for rental that can cover your specific needs. Being able to get the exact computer you need at the time is a huge advantage of choosing a rental.

Next time the need arises, you can even tweak the model you get for the needs of your new situation.

5. Travel

For a short-term business venture that requires you to travel with a computer or a vacation on which you’ll need access to a computer, you may need a laptop for just a week or two. Toting around a heavy PC is obviously not an option so having access to short-term laptop availability could be really helpful.

6. Cost

If you know that you don’t need a laptop very often, renting could be a more cost-effective solution to your needs compared to buying one. This is especially true for those whose short-term laptop needs require a particularly luxurious model.

7. Low maintenance

A short-term laptop rental doesn’t come with the maintenance responsibilities of owning your own laptop. Being able to use it and return it allows you to have access to a laptop when you really need it without worrying about turnaround times, regular diagnostics, and part replacement.

With a rental, you’ll always know how much you have to pay for your computer each month.

8. Temporary employment

Some of us move from job to job. When only one of these jobs requires a laptop, it can be a sizable overhead to buy one just for that purpose.

The option to rent a laptop gives you the ability to complete the tasks designated by your temporary work assignment without shelling out hundreds (or thousands) for a computer that you don’t need.

9. Training

Student training programs and classroom settings reveal the great advantages of renting laptops over buying them. You can provide students with the opportunity to use laptops without having to purchase them. You can also ensure that all the laptops being used in your program are the exact specifications that each student needs to complete their training.

11. Trending technology

With laptop rentals, your computing technology will always be up to date. You can rent the newest and fastest equipment and keep upgrading so that you have access to technology that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Since it’s so much more expensive to buy this equipment new (and keep buying it), you’ll be using program interfaces comparable to your wealthiest competition at rental prices.

The Takeaway

Renting a laptop instead of buying one may seem like a copout. If you need a laptop in the first place, why wouldn’t you want to own it?

Turns out, there are a lot of reasons. Temporary work assignments and training programs could present the need for a specific laptop for a short-term goal, which would be much cheaper for you to rent for the duration of the program rather than buy.

You also reap the advantages of not owning your computer, such as being able to eschew normal maintenance costs and keep all your tech up to date so you can stand toe to toe with your competitors.

Whatever the reason, search for laptop rentals in Ireland to take advantage of a cheaper computing option tailored more specifically to your needs.

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