Why Linen Bedding is so Exceptional?

In this day and age, it is very common for people to live fast-paced, stressful lives. We never seem to get enough sleep, and even if we do, the quality of it can be very unsatisfying. Our bodies are not designed to endure the amount of stress we put up with. To make sure that we get the rest we utterly deserve, setting the right, healthy sleep schedule and improving the quality of sleep should be our top priorities.

A big part of getting a good night’s sleep is healthy and comfortable bedding. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric in our bedrooms. It is extremely popular for good reasons: cotton bedding is cheap and provides moderate comfort, but if you want to see a noticeable difference in your quality of sleep, linen bedding is the only way to go. Here we present you a couple of reasons why linen bed sheets are so exceptional.

Although many people might be discouraged from buying this fabric because of its slightly higher price, linen bedsheets have been used and greatly respected for many years. The glorification of linen is based on many unique and healthy properties. Linen is the strongest natural fiber in the world, so it should come as no surprise that people are willing to pay more for this amazing material. The durability of the fabric, combined with the proper care of the owner can give you bedding that may even last you for a decade. Fresh linen bed sheets can feel a bit rough to the touch at first, but they get softer with every washing without having to sacrifice any of its incredible strength and durability. One of the less mentioned traits of linen is elasticity. The fabric is very good at retaining its shape and it does not break down like many of its counterparts.

There are a few key traits which put linen head and shoulders above any other fabric. Linen is amazing at conducting heat, wicking away any unnecessary moisture and protecting our bodies from dangerous allergens and bacteria. Linen bedding has full control over the climate under the bedsheets. Heat conductivity of linen helps our bodies to stay warm when it’s cold and wicks away unwanted moisture and perspiration when the temperature gets too hot. No matter how uncomfortable the climate is, you will stay comfortable under linen bed sheets.

Taking proper care of your linen bedding is not hard, but extremely important. When it’s time to wash your linen bed sheets, always use cold, soft water to avoid unnecessary damage to your products. In order to preserve the quality of linen, it is pretty popular to hand wash this material. Fortunately, this is not necessary. Linen bed sheets can be machine washed, but only with cold water in gentle settings. Some weak detergents can be used, but the ones with color brighteners should definitely be avoided. Using cold water and air-drying linen bed sheets is the way to go if you want them to last for generations.

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