Why is jewelry important to women?


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Since time immemorial people have used jewelry to adorn themselves and make themselves look beautiful. Jewelry and delicate ornaments have been in high demand for large parts of human history. The rich have often worn those pieces of jewelry that are rare while the poorer classes have had to make do with cheaper versions of the same. Women have developed a taste for jewelry over generations. It is now an expectation and norm that most women will wear some form of jewelry, particularly in their adult life. One can often see them donning elegant pieces during formal events, parties, dinners, and other types of social functions. But why is it so important for women? Multiple studies and surveys have been carried out, and all of them have come up with some general conclusions.

  • Meaningful Gifts

Jewelry is often presented to women as gifts from the people who are close to them. These could be parents, siblings, friends, or partners. Given that jewelry tends to be expensive, it conveys a lot of value to the person receiving the gift. They feel as if the person who has gifted it to them values them a great deal and hence chose to spend such a large amount of money on them. This further solidifies the bond between the two individuals and brings them closer together. Women often treasure particular jewelry pieces because it reminds them of the close relationship they have with some people in their life. They enjoy wearing and telling others about who gave them which pieces of jewelry because they feel proud of that connection.

  • Visual Appeal

There remains something within the human psyche that is fascinated and enchanted by gold and silver ornaments. Even men wear golden tie pins or silver coat studs to stand out from the crowd and enhance their appearance. Similarly, women wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other various types of jewelry that have varying percentages of gold and silver content. Jewelry helps bring out the color of their eyes and the style of their clothes. It also adds to the sense of grace and beauty that envelops them. The more appealing of the jewelry, the more attractive is wearer. One can obtain incredible pieces of jewelry from several notable brands. Jewelry also becomes a symbol of femininity, and many women wear it to express that they are in touch with their true feminine nature. One such product, in particular, is Pearl strands which is a beautiful piece of authentic jewelry, made from a variety of stones and metal, at a very reasonable price.

  • Sense of Self-Accomplishment

A study in the United States revealed that  51% of millennial women purchase jewelry for the mselves because it makes them feel good, apart from merely appearing attractive.  They do this for many reasons. They suggested that they would engage in detailed research into brands before purchasing it. They also buy them as a means of commemorating special events in their lives. Graduation or promotion often becomes a reason for them to treat themselves. They begin to associate the piece of jewelry they bought with the event in their life. So wearing that becomes important for them because it reminds them of that success in their life. It is also an essential part of exhibiting one’s social status. Occasionally, people wish to make it clear that they belong to classes that belong to a higher income bracket. Wearing expensive jewelry, especially ones with higher concentrations of precious metals, and from more famous brands, highlights that you’ve got money to spend.

  • Family Tradition

Often jewelry is a part of family traditions and acts as heirlooms. They are passed down from generation to generation by women. Mothers pass them down onto their daughters, often upon marriage or as an inheritance. As the jewelry is expensive and is purchased in small quantities, the quantities that exist become very meaningful. They become associated with the heritage of that family, especially in large families with landed wealth. So, the women who then own those jewels are reminded of their family legacy.

  • Express Individuality

It becomes a means for women to express their own individuality. By wearing different types of jewelry, they can choose to express different parts of themselves. Women wearing varying shades of jewelry, from dark to light, and these reflect various aspects of their personality. Darker pieces of jewelry exude a sense of mysteriousness and seriousness, while bright pieces suggest that the owner has a more cheerful and light-hearted attitude.

On the face of it, jewelry is a metal or stone whose form has been changed around. But the value that they hold for people is immeasurable. Women in particular form attachments to their jewelry in many different ways. It is safe to say that those who do business in good quality jewelry will not see their sales declining any time soon.




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