Why Christmas Lights Really Make the Holiday Season

Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year. From the fun decorations to the smell of seasonal sweets to the overwhelming feeling of familial love and kinship, Christmas is a time for everyone to experience joy and happiness regardless of their background. And often, one of the most beloved and recognizable parts of the season is the abundance of colorful Christmas lights.

Getting to go Christmas lights shopping is a favorite outing for many celebrators of the holiday. With so many different types of lights and the ability to mix-and-match them, they allow each individual the opportunity to share the Christmas spirit in their own way. They truly bring light to the season — no pun intended — that no other decoration can provide. Here are a few reasons why Christmas lights truly make the holiday season so bright:

They make each house shine from space

NASA is able to see the bright Christmas lights from some of their satellites each year. Christmas lights offer such a bright light that they light up the dark, dreary, cold winter nights and allow viewers to feel a sense of warmth and hope. Christmas lights, all colorful and diverse, allow people who don’t even celebrate the holiday to enjoy the light show.

They allow for individualized decorating

Christmas lights come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and functions. You can get them in white, blue, multicolored, and in either ball or cylindrical shapes. You can even get lights that flash or stay on consistently. And with so much diversity, each family can adorn the outside of their home as they see fit. If you’re someone who wants to color-coordinate your decorations, you can. If you want Santa to see a mass of multi-colored decor, that’s an option, too. Lights allow for individualized celebration and decoration.

They’ve become a tradition

Like so many other aspects of the holiday season, Christmas lights have become a tradition. Hanging them up outside the house and incorporating them with other Christmas decor is an annual tradition for most families that brings everyone together. Whether you’re outside helping staple the lights to the roof or inside helping your mom gather her used cooking oil collection, traditions are a valuable way families can spend time together.

Families can walk and view neighbors’ lights together

A perk of having a Christmas-lights adorned neighborhood is that you and your family can walk around and connect with each other. The holiday season is all about spending time with family and reconnecting, and what better way to do that than to walk the neighborhood and “ooh” and “ah” at your neighbors’ decorations? You can bring mugs of hot cocoa, bundle up in winter coats, and walk the streets or hop into mom’s minivan and drive around admiring the lights. Either way, you’re spending quality time together.

They can be used all-year-round

One of the best things about Christmas lights is that they can be used as decorations all-year-round. Whether your daughter going off to college wants to brighten up her dorm room walls or you want to refine your back patio for those summer nights, Christmas lights can definitely be used outside of the holiday season.

The Christmas season is often filled with cheer and happiness. And though there are many aspects of the holiday seasons that bring joy, nothing shines as bright as Christmas lights. Be sure to take your family Christmas lights shopping and spend some quality time this holiday season.

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