Why Buy A Home in Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood?


One of the most beautiful treasures that America has to offer is the Rocky Mountains. If you open a map, you could see that the summit is around a hundred miles away from Denver, which is also known as the Mile High City. The reason for this nickname is the fact that it’s a mile high from sea level.

There are many reasons to love this place, but many people still haven’t gotten on the ride yet. Older adults still remember this city as crime-infested and unsafe. But the times have totally changed. Ever since 2012, when marijuana got legalized, crime rates are the lowest in America.

Before that, the reason why the crime was so high was that smoking and selling weed was illegal. Ever since that changed, the economy started to recover, people became happier, and you can say that the sun started to shine a bit brighter. In the last five years, more than 100 000 people have moved to the city. Now, the question is, where would you want your home to be, and what are the things you should know about the city?

Denver is desirable, young, and hip

Nowadays, you could compare this city to the likes of Seattle or San Francisco. Rent prices have skyrocketed, and the average is around 1500 dollars per month, and the average home price starts out at 420 000. If you’re okay with these prices, then you won’t have any other issues.

No matter where you get to set, the views are phenomenal. There are more than 150 miles of panoramic views of mountains, trees, and blue skies. As an addition, there are also more than two hundred peaks that can be seen from some of the skyscrapers. Now, the only thing that’s left for you to decide is the neighborhood. One of the best up-and-coming places in the Highlands.

They’re a home for fast-paced living with a relaxed vibe. If you decide to settle there, you can find more info on a website such as this one. There are so many innovative pieces of real estate, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. You could also pick River North, or Capitol Hill, which are a bit further away.

It’s on the road to becoming a major city

An excellent economy means more people will come to make use of it. This is why home prices have skyrocketed. When you compare the national average, which lies around 200 grand, then maybe 400 000 seems like a lot of money.

Before you make the decision to move, you need to take your finances into consideration. A good way to see whether you’re able to afford living there is to see whether your housing costs will be covered by 30 percent of your income.

If you earn a bit less, you might want to see different neighborhoods or ask for a raise. A new home means new opportunities, new people, experiences, and memories. The best way to find a place is to hire an agent who will analyze all the possibilities and give you the best one.

The climate is amazing

The healthiest people on the planet live in the mountains. The higher up you go, the thinner the air gets. This means your body needs to produce more red blood cells. Not only that, but you’re burning more calories from regular activities like walking and doing chores. Follow this link for more info https://www.businessinsider.com/why-denver-is-the-best-place-to-live-in-us-2016-3

As soon as you get used to the lack of oxygen, you’re never going to want to get down from the mountains. The Rocky Peaks are a two-hour drive away, and you can enjoy the perks of being close to a national park. Not only that, but it’s sunny 90 percent of the time.

Three hundred days of the year, to be exact. The summers can be a bit hot, but they’re not as humid. That makes them easier to withstand. If you like to look at the night sky, then Denver is the place to be. You only need to go a few miles away from the city to see how pretty the starry night can be.

Family camping trips happen almost every weekend, and it’s a great way to bond with your kids. Instead of looking down at their mobile phones, they will be awed by the beauty of a falling star. The first time you get to such a high altitude, give your body a few days to acclimate.

In the meantime, drink a lot of water, so you don’t get dehydrated. Some people get drowsy at first, and that’s the cause of lacking sleep. The mountain weather makes you fall asleep faster, and you will feel rested as soon as you wake up. Finally, always have a bottle of sunscreen with you. The higher up you go, the more the sunburns.

How’s the economy?

Due to the fact that many top-performing companies are trying to be based in the area, the average salaries start from 60 000 per year. Many people are competing for high-paying jobs, which might make your search a bit difficult. However, the pros outweigh the cons.

If you want to move to a desirable area, the best thing to do is fill up your savings account. As for work niches, the aerospace industry is booming. Colorado is trying to create Aerospace Alley, which is going to compete with Silicon Valley. Apart from that, the tech, agriculture, and cannabis industries are always open to new talents.




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