Why are Common Law Lawyers important?

A lot of people are staying together without any marriage now. In Canada, one of the three couples is staying together. Many problems can arise in these kinds of relationships. A common law lawyer can help you at that time.

A typical law lawyer is generally a person who defends the family problems when you are in a common-law relationship or simple words, and you are staying together without getting married.

In this article, we will discuss a common-law lawyer and why familiar law lawyers are important. We hope it will be useful for those who want to know about a common-law lawyer.

What is Common Law?

Common law or marriage-like relationship is living together without any marriage or legally certified relation. Common law relations are ubiquitous in this generation because a lot of couples over the world are staying together without marriage. Common law relations are legal in many countries in the world today.

There have two requirements for being a relationship common-law relationship. The first one is you have to stay married like a relationship for more than two years, or you have to stay in a marriage like a relationship for less than two years but with your child.

That means you must have a child. Though common law is not as precious a relationship as a marriage, it has some rights and obligations. These are given below:

  • Spousal support: When it is considered as a common-law relationship, you must carry all the expenses of your spouse. It is one of the most important obligations for the spouses.
  • Child Support: Child support is always a big issue. After the separation of your common-law relationship, you are responsible for the child support as same as marriage.
  • Right in property: When you are in a common-law relationship, you have the right to the property of your spouse. After your separation, if your partner will not be agreed to give any property, you can take help from a common-law lawyer.
  • Child custody: Child custody issues also arise after getting into a common-law relationship.
  • The obligation for family debt:If there have any family debt, both of the partners are responsible for it to others.

Who are the common law lawyers?

Common law lawyers are the attorney who solves all the problems regarding your common-law relationship. Nowadays, common-law relations also have some rights and responsibilities. There also have some duties and obligations.

If any partner has any problem with the other partner, he or she can get help from an attorney, and these types of attorneys are called common law lawyers. A common law lawyer will give some legal advice about child support, spousal support, property division, etc.

Why are Common law lawyers important?

There is a considerable difference between the common-law relationship and marriage. Even then, common-law couples get some help in their relationship today. Common law lawyer is the persons who help them when getting into any trouble.

Here we are giving you some reasons why familiar law lawyers are essential. These are as follows:

  • If you hire any common law lawyer, the hassles of your separation will be reduced at a significant level, and he can give you the best solution for you like you should continue separation or not.
  • A common law lawyer can also help you in case of child custody. Even if the non-resident parent is not agreed to give any child support, your lawyer can help you to get the child support.
  • When you are in a common-law relationship, you have a legal right to the property of your spouse. After separation, you, your partner does not want to give you the properties that are your right; you can hire a common-law lawyer. He will help you to get that and conduct the proper division of the property.

Mainly these are the importance of having a common-law lawyer.


A common law lawyer is a kind of family lawyer in case of a common-law relationship. He solves a lot of problems with common-law relationships, as we mentioned in this article. Here we discussed a common-law lawyer and why he is important for you. Hopefully, it will help you to clear your doubt.

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