What You Should Know About Having Bad Teeth


Teeth are very important in our daily lives. Digestion of food starts in the mouth by means of chewing.

To ensure that the teeth work properly you have to keep them in good condition. One of the easiest ways to do this is by regular brushing with good toothpaste. This will save you from a lot of problems such as decay, gum diseases, and dental caries.

It is also recommended that you go to a dentist for regular checkups. This will help notice and correct any underlying problems before they turn into serious conditions. You can check out TrySnow.com for more information. With that said, here are further details.

What are bad teeth?

As mentioned before, teeth are mainly used for chewing food. This exposes them to a lot of contents such as sugars and acidic substances. If the food remains are not removed for a long period they build up to form a sticky brownish substance known as plaque.

This in time hardens and results in tooth decay that cannot be removed by simple brushing of the teeth. It can only be cleaned by a dentist using special equipment.

Also, bacteria are attracted to and feed on the sugars in the food particles. They then produce acidic substances that end up corroding the tooth if not cleaned up. With time, it can expose the inner sensitive parts connected to nerve endings hence resulting in tooth sensitivity. This becomes easily irritated especially by extreme temperatures.

For instance, if one accidentally consumes hot or cold food it results in sharp pain. This is the number one cause of a lot of tooth pains being experienced by a large number of people worldwide. Although it can be corrected by regular brushing using a special type of toothpaste, in extreme cases the bad tooth has to be removed.

What are some of the causes?

  • Poor oral hygiene

This is the main cause of bad teeth. Failure to observe simple techniques such as brushing after meals and regulating your intake of sugary foods eventually takes a toll on oral health. This affects the tongue and gums too. Most oral diseases can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene.

  • Too much strain

Using your teeth for the wrong purposes can put a lot of strain on them that can cause injuries. For example, using them to open tightly sealed bottles can weaken them and cause lots of pain later. It is healthy to eat hard foods such as carrots and sugarcane. They strengthen teeth and jaws and also help clean the tongue.

  • Using sharp objects to pick your teeth

While it is important to ensure that you clean your mouth after meals to remove food remains, you should do so using the right equipment.

Toothpicks for instance should not be too sharp. If you are using a toothbrush the bristles should be soft and well-shaped for maximum efficiency during the process.

Flossing can sometimes come in handy but you should be careful while doing it so that you don’t hurt yourself.

How can one avoid it?

The surest way to prevent it is by ensuring good oral hygiene. This goes a long way in preventing diseases such as gingivitis and bleeding gums. Here are some tips:

  • Eat healthy

Too much sugar has always been the cause of a lot of diseases. Cutting down on this will reduce the risk of getting oral diseases to a great extent.

However, if you like sweet foods and just can’t do without them then make sure to brush your teeth after the meals to get rid of the sugars. For small children, it is recommended that they take lots of milk.

It has calcium that helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth. Also, take lots of fresh fruits rich in vitamin C for the good health of the gums.

  • Avoid over-brushing

Some people tend to go overboard when it comes to brushing. Doing it too hard and very frequently will wear down the enamel thus exposing the nerve endings.

It also increases the risk of hurting your gums. For proper brushing, do it in a gentle circular motion for at least two minutes preferably using warm water. Also, make sure to use toothpaste recommended by dentists. It should not contain a lot of fluorides because this will result in fluorosis.

Chew gum

While this is not compulsory, it serves to boost your oral health. It increases blood circulation efficiency that is good not only for your mouth in general but also for your brain. In addition, it helps clean the teeth and tongue and also gives you fresh breath. You should make it a habit as it also strengthens your jaws.

  • Go for checkups

It is very important that you go for regular checkups even if your teeth feel perfectly fine. There might be underlying issues that if left without correction can, later on, cause serious damages. Visit the dentist at least every six months. Avoid cheap services offered by quacks as it will only cause you more problems. Instead, go for a qualified practitioner that best suits you. This brings us to the next subtopic.

What are the types of dentists available?

Dentistry is a specialized field of medicine that requires different skills. Thus there are different kinds of dentists based on their skills. Here are some of the most commonly known:

  • Pediatric dentists

As the name suggests, they have pediatric skills hence are best suited to handle cases involving children.

After graduating from dental school they are further trained on how to deal with children and fully cater to their needs. From their work environment to the language they use it is all designed to provide great care and make kids feel comfortable.

Their offices are usually full of colorful toys and drawings that are appealing to the kids and educative too. The apparatus is also small in size and not kept in plain sight.

  • Cosmetic dentists

They deal with the maintenance and restoration of the appearance of teeth. As such, if you want your teeth to be more appealing then these are the ones you should go to. They provide services such as realigning, whitening, and dental implants.

  • General dentists

This is the primary unit of dentistry. All the practitioners have to at least be qualified to be at this level before they can proceed to specialize in others. They provide the basic services that do not require specialization such as extraction and fillings. They work together with the other specialists to make sure that the cases requiring specialized skills are handled well.

How to choose the right one for you?

The right dentist varies from one individual to another depending on the needs. Although, there are general guidelines that you should adhere to while trying to choose the right one for you. Here are some of them.

  • Consider the services provided

They should be in line with your needs. For instance, if you need dental implants then you should go for the one who provides that.

The services should also be of high quality. It would be uneconomical to go for whitening only for it to fade off within a month or two. You can know more about the quality of services being provided by inquiring from previous customers.

You can also visit their official website and go through the reviews left behind. Only go for a practitioner with a good reputation.

  • Check for the relevant documents

Nowadays, the number of impostors in the medical sector has risen. Some are very good at concealing themselves and don’t get discovered until it is too late. To avoid such scenarios, make sure the practitioner is who they say they are before allowing them to operate on you. Ask to see their papers to verify that they are indeed qualified and accredited to operate as a dentist.

  • Find out their level of experience

When it comes to such delicate fields in medicine experience matters a lot. Before one can start their own private practice they usually have to undergo a lot of training first and work under the supervision of those with vast experience.

This enables them to know how to approach different cases to ensure satisfactory results. People also tend to feel safer in the hands of more experienced personnel than beginners. You should ask your dentist how long they have been in practice to gauge their level of experience.

  • They should be easy to reach

Before choosing one to be your dentist you should first make sure that they are available most of the time. Otherwise, you might be stranded in the event of an emergency. Their office should be located near to allow you to easily reach them. It would be difficult to have to travel from one state to another every time you need to see your doctor.

  • They should be affordable

Although specialized services cost more than generalized ones you can still get good services at an affordable price. To avoid being overcharged you should compare the rates among different clinics. Those that are too cheap are an indicator of poor quality and you should avoid them. Do not put your health at risk just to save some money.

  • There should be proper sanitation

This is true, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. It would be ironic for you to go to the clinic just to come back infected with the virus. General hygiene has been enhanced worldwide and you ought to avoid any hospital that doesn’t take the necessary precautions.

There should be trash cans strategically placed for the effective disposal of wastes. Both the doctor and the patient also have to wear protective gear. For instance, doctors wear gloves and aprons while patients wear masks.

Regular washing of hands with clean water and soap, disinfecting surfaces, and sterilization of apparatus all serve to promote sanitation. Another important precaution that should be in place is physical distancing.

In the waiting room, people should be seated at least one meter apart from each other. All these measures help curb the spread of the virus and also prevent you from contracting other contagious diseases while at the premises.


Bad teeth are mostly brought about by poor oral hygiene. Neglecting to observe simple practices such as regular brushing and checkups can deteriorate one’s health. While there are experts who can help treat dental diseases it is better to take the necessary precautions to avoid such cases. This will save you a lot of time, money and also promote good health. It is also important to choose the right dentist for you who will serve you well. Take care to avoid being swindled by fraudsters. Only deal with certified medical practitioners who won’t jeopardize your health. Finally, you should aim to prevent rather than cure illnesses.




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