What You Need for a Great Walking Vacation 


There is nothing quite like a walking or hiking vacation to really give you a sense of freedom and to let you get back in touch with nature. If you can do this, perhaps even camp out rather than staying in hotels along your route, you will really get to experience something very special, and it can soothe your stress and make you healthy too. Plus, with the world the way is right now, having a walking vacation ‘at home’ can be a great alternative to vacationing overseas. 

If you think that a walking vacation is something that would suit you well, read on to find out what you are going to need to take with you as a minimum. Forgetting any of these items will make your vacation much harder than it needs to be. 

First Aid Kit 

Of course, no one thinks they’re going to get hurt or sick when they go on their walking vacation, but the truth is accidents can happen, and if you are prepared with a first aid kit you can patch up any wounds and reduce the pain you’re feeling so you can continue. It might simply be that you get blisters that need to be taken care of, or you might have an allergy so an EpiPen or some medication might be needed. 

Don’t forget to ensure that everyone in your party is catered for when it comes to packing the first aid kit. This even includes your dog if you’re bringing one with you, and it’s a great idea to do this – canine company can be an added bonus to your vacation. A dog is going to need different medical items, so it’s best to check out this post by Diamond Pet on 23 items you must have in your pet first aid kit to ensure you get everything you need. 

Comfortable Walking Boots 

A walking vacation is going to be impossible without the right boots and footwear. It is far better to spend a lot of money on your boots than it is to buy cheap and find that you get blisters and don’t have the ankle support you need for the trails you intend to be hiking. 

Look for boots that are lightweight since the heavier the boot the more strain you will be putting on your legs which will leave them vulnerable to injury and also make the journey a slower one. However, you also want the boots to be robust since you don’t want them to fall apart as you’re making your way along the trail. If you’re unsure what kind of boot is going to be best, speak to an expert before making a purchase. 

When buying your boots, make sure you have the appropriate socks too. You can undo a lot of the good a great pair of boots can do with a cheap, useless pair of socks underneath. 


Maps come in a variety of different shapes and size these days, and although you might initially think you will be fine to use mobile apps to help you plot your path, there is a risk that those apps aren’t going to work due to loss of power, a bad signal, or even a broken phone or tablet (accidents can certainly happen when hiking). 

Therefore, it is wise to have a traditional paper map with you either as your primary method of finding your route or as a useful backup. It would be terrible to end a wonderful vacation by getting lost when having a simple paper map in hand would have saved you the trouble. 


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