What Vegas Has to Offer: The things you should look forward to in Vegas

‘Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, ‘cause that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas.’ At least that’s what Katy Perry said. Nothing best describes Las Vegas but nightlife and fun. With Las Vegas night clubs and casinos, it will surely be a fun-filled night.

Working, juggling school work, or even parenting on the weekdays deserves a fun-filled night on the weekends at Las Vegas night clubs and casinos. But what is it with clubbing? There is more to clubbing than dancing. So, here are a few things that you could look forward to on a night in Vegas.

  1. Celebrity Sighting

Who doesn’t want to see celebrities in their most unguarded and relaxed moments? If you’re in Vegas to have fun, they want that, too. Celebrities deserve their share of fun as well.

With Vegas housing multiple night clubs and holding various parties, it’s not impossible that you would see one or two celebrities enjoying their selves. Recently this year, Sophie Turner and her then-fiancé Joe Jonas held their wedding ceremony at Las Vegas reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

Also, this year last January, Cardi B got her Las Vegas residency while Lady Gaga had hers last 2017. If you want to see them perform or just wish to have a glimpse of their persona, you might want to see them in Vegas while clubbing.

  1. Rad Music

What are Las Vegas night clubs without their DJs (DJs are also celebrities by right) anyway? If you have a particular DJ in mind whose music you want to grind to, night clubs in Vegas have their schedules booked. Hakkasan Group, for example, has booked DJs and Celebrities for September. They have booked Tyga, Prince Boyce, Lil Jon, Jack Harlow DJ Irie, DJ E-Rock, Justin Credible, and DJ Shift. October schedules are already booked too.

  1. Alcohol/Drinks

You just can’t leave Las Vegas without tasting alcohol. The good thing about Vegas is that you can have a taste of alcohol without the need to visit a club. You don’t need to worry about a liquor ban in the city.

Booze is available 24/7 in Vegas. Carrying a container of alcohol or even consuming it is legal. According to the Metro Police spokesperson Larry Hadfield, you will not be served any warrant if you drink out in the open, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun. The only strict rule that they have on booze is that you are not allowed to drink within 1,000 feet from the church, synagogue, public or private school, hospital, withdrawal management facility, and the homeless shelter.

There is no better city to relax and enjoy than Las Vegas. Partying and drinking booze can be done at home, but home does not have the same liquor laws as those in Vegas. The city offers you a leeway to do the activities you’ve wanted to do at home but can’t. Pack up and hit the clubs in Vegas

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