What Type of Cloud Is Best for You?


Although it has taken a little time, businesses (and individuals) are beginning to understand just how useful the cloud can be for them when used in the right way. As time goes on, the cloud – this remote method of keeping documents and sensitive information safe and secure, and accessible from anywhere – is becoming an integral part of many people’s lives. 

However, simply using ‘the cloud’ is not as simple as searching for it on Google and using the one and only version that comes up in search results. There are actually a number of different types of cloud, and a number of different providers, which is where it can become difficult. Trying to work out where to store your important documents may take a little time. This short guide should give you some hints as to where to start looking. 

Should You Use a Managed IT Service? 

Before you can even get started with working out what type of cloud to use in your business, or individually, you should determine just what you want it to do for you, and how complex you want it to be. Once you know this, you may need to enlist the help of an outsourced managed IT service such as Iconic IT. By having an expert on board, you know your cloud is being set up in exactly the right way. 

This is important for many reasons; firstly, you want your information to be kept safe. If a cybercriminal were able to hack into your account, they would have access to your personal information, information about your customers, payment details, banking details, and much more. This cannot be allowed to happen, and this is one of the reasons the cloud is used, so this kind of thing is prevented. Set up incorrectly, however, and this information will be accessible. 

Another reason to consider outsourcing your IT is that you will have someone on hand at all times to fix any problems and help with any queries, so if something should go wrong or you need instant access, you can always gain help. 

Models of Cloud Computing

There are three different models of cloud computing to consider when you are creating your own account. The one you use will depend on your own circumstances and needs. The types of cloud are:

  • Private Cloud

A private cloud is one that is managed and hosted by you or your company. This is where a managed IT service will be useful, as they will be able to complete the correct setup on this kind of cloud. When you have a private cloud, you won’t have to give up any kind of responsibility, and you will have a dedicated cloud option just for you. This is generally more expensive than other models of cloud. 

  • Public Cloud

The public cloud is much less expensive than a private cloud and uses less bandwidth (which could be something that determines the type of cloud you use). Although you won’t have control over the cloud itself, your information will still be kept safe and secure. 

  • Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, the hybrid cloud uses elements of the private and public cloud models. It is an efficient way to cut costs compared to a private cloud, but it does allow for some personalization, unlike the public cloud.

This option can be ideal if you are looking for a solution that shows your customers you have your own cloud system and are therefore looking after their welfare, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so.




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