What is an online phone number for SMS: Benefits and Features


Recently, so-called online phone numbers that can be used to verify online accounts have become especially popular. It’s no secret that most sites and applications require you to verify your phone number by receiving a special verification code via SMS in order to register. 

Phone numbers online can be used just like a regular SIM card you buy in a cell phone store. But you do not have to go anywhere. It’s enough to go online and buy a virtual number. Note that you can buy several virtual numbers. This is convenient, for example, for business.

What is an online phone number for receiving SMS?

The online phone number is no different from the standard physical counterpart that the SIM card contains. It can be in the format of a mobile number of any country, mobile operator, etc. But there is a global difference between them – it is the way of connection.

In simplified terms, this number uses to communicate using the Internet connection. Thanks to special software on the provider’s side, you can get and use your phone number from any device via an Internet browser. This makes this service even more convenient because in case you lose your smartphone, you don’t lose access to your virtual numbers, because everything is stored on your personal account in the Internet service. 

Online phone number: Benefits and Features

With what an online mobile number is, we’ve got it figured out. Let’s move on to the benefits it can bring to the user: 

  • Low cost. The cost of this virtual service is much lower than buying a real SIM card, which can be purchased in communication shops. This is especially beneficial if you require a large number of mobile numbers;
  • Saving time. Another important advantage is time-saving. You don’t have to go to a store, stand in line and buy a SIM card. It’s enough to find an online service that specializes in this service;
  • Anonymity. When buying a real SIM card you need to provide your passport data or any other documents. But if you want to use a phone number and remain incognito at the same time, online phone numbers are what you need;
  • Creating multiple accounts. Everyone knows that the most popular social networks and messengers restrict the use of a single phone number. This means that you can only create one account with one mobile number. The solution to this problem is to get an online phone number, as you can get as many as you need.
  • Geographic Binding. With no binding of online numbers to a specific location, you can get them from any country. You no longer need to travel to another country to buy a local SIM card, you can do it online. 

How do I get an online phone number?

There are many different online services providing this service on the Internet. Let’s look at the process of obtaining a virtual number on one of these resources called SMS-man.

In order to buy a virtual number on SMS-Man website, you need to make a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the registration page at sms-man.com and confirm your account by e-mail;
  2. Log in to your account and refill the balance in any convenient way at the corresponding tab;
  3. After the crediting of money to your account return to the main page and choose the country and service you want to create an account with.
  4. When you have decided on the choice, click on “Buy” next to the selected service. After this virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet. 

Done! After these simple steps, you get a unique phone number that you can use to register online.




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