What does it mean to be a criminal lawyer?

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to be merely a lawyer, but each different way of breaking the law requires a specialized professional to defend or accuse the parties involved. In general, the question of what does it mean to be a criminal lawyer is a professional who, having trained in the field of law, is prepared to act as an intermediary in cases related to Criminal Law.

What does it mean to be a criminal lawyer: What norms govern Criminal Law?

Before continuing with the explanation of What does it mean to be a criminal lawyer, let us examine the norms that make up Criminal Law. This branch of law is punitive, which means that it imposes penalties and security measures on crimes.

Crime is understood as the actions or omissions thereof that are punishable by law. There are two rules to regulate Criminal Law,

  • Penal Code
  • Criminal Procedure Law

Penal Code:

Within this group of states, legal norms are all possible penalties that a person who commits a crime may receive. Here you will find the actions that are called sins and the punishment that each of them gets, which vary from paying a fine to spending time in prison. A criminal lawyer is the one who interprets this code.

Criminal Procedure Law:

This norm covers the actions that the law takes against crimes and misdemeanors. A criminal lawyer will guide you in this regard.

What crimes does a criminal lawyer deal with?

What to expect from a criminal lawyer?

Suppose a situation occurs that merits being brought to court for your benefit. How do we proceed?

This is a typical case in which we cannot do without a criminal lawyer.

This legal professional will be at your disposal to advise you from the first moment and to guide your cause from the most practical and realistic perspective. It is the criminal lawyer who will tell you what exactly you can claim and what would be the amount range to which you are entitled.

Now imagine the opposite situation: one day, a summons arrives at your home, urging you to appear in a police station or a court. You may have an idea of ​​the reason for the situation, as well as you may be completely unaware of it. That is why you will need the guidance of a criminal lawyer.

Regardless of the speculation, you may have, you will not be successful in the situation without a criminal lawyer to defend you.

The first thing your criminal lawyer will do is get up to speed on the situation you are in.

In a case like this, there is no point in attenuating reality, nor will it be useful to magnify it. What you need is to know what your threats are and your chances of getting out of the situation as little harmed as possible.

In turn, it is the criminal lawyer who will be in charge of obtaining all the possible information about the cause in which you are involved, as well as advising you on the rights that protect you. Visit https://strolenylaw.com/ and contact a criminal defense attorney.


In short, the criminal lawyer is the only professional capable of interpreting the Penal Code for you and informing you about whether or not the situation in which you are involved is a crime. For this, it is necessary to know what a crime is and what is not. This subtle difference can change your life forever. Therefore: you may have understood. What does it mean to be a criminal lawyer?

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