What Does and Elder Law Attorney Do?


Legal help can be required at any time by anyone. Whether you are a minor or an aged person, whether you are a couple or are single, you can stumble upon a life situation that might warrant legal intervention. If you are unaware of elder law, this blog will explain that further. Elder law is a branch of the legal profession that focuses on problems affecting the aging population. Elder law planning aims to give elderly people the economic freedom and autonomy they need via sound financial planning and possibilities for long-term care. Attorneys specializing in elder law assist people and their families in making plans for retirement benefits, health, and long-term care, as well as in-home and nursing facility care. They also assist the elderly and individuals with disabilities with decision-making papers and provide advice on other legal matters. If you are looking for a reliable elder law firm, Burzynski Elder Law is the name you should remember. If you are uncertain about the role of elder law, read on to know more.

Estate Planning

Planning an estate may be challenging and daunting. But it’s crucial to organize your affairs, particularly as you become older. Estate planning may help us be in charge of what becomes of our possessions when that time arrives. Making a will is merely the beginning of your estate plan’s implementation. It may include establishing trusts for your life insurance policies or other assets, making guardianship arrangements in the event you become unable to care for yourself, and managing your personal business generally throughout your life. A lot of elder law lawyers also focus on estate planning, and they can guide you through the choices and tax repercussions of handling and settling your assets.


For Americans 65 and over, Medicare is the federal health insurance plan. Although it is a wonderful government benefit, registering for it for the first time might be challenging and confusing. Along with your medical insurance, physicians, outpatient treatment, medical supplies, preventive services, and prescription medication coverage, Medicare covers any stays you may have in a hospitalization, skilled nursing facility, or hospice care. Medicare also covers any outpatient care that you may need. You may sometimes have problems with what Medicare pays for and doesn’t, just as with any health insurance organization or plan. An elder law attorney could be useful, depending on the intricacy of your claim.

Fraud or Abuse

It might be hard to imagine that somebody would want to exploit or injure a loved one or even someone they are in charge of taking care of, but it does happen. Elder abuse includes mistreatment on any level, including financially, emotionally, physically, and sexually. It could also occur if you experience neglect or abandonment. You should be secure and well-cared for, but leaving such circumstances is difficult, and it often requires another loved one to take charge and stop the abuse. Elder law experts may assist you to get in touch with the appropriate people, attempting to recover any lost funds, or moving you or a dear one into a secure setting.

Visitation Rights

Relationships can turn sour over the years, and the grandparents and the grandkids might have to bear with the results. Grandparents often lose all right to visit and participate in their grandchildren’s lives, whether due to acrimonious disputes, divorce, or even the passing of a child’s parent. If you ever end up in a position like this, an elder lawyer can assist you in understanding your rights as well as the best way to pursue visitation.

Employment Discrimination

There is no denying that most workplaces are more youth-focused, and discrimination against the elderly can be a repercussion of the same. It is against the law for an employer to treat you differently because of your age under the Age Discrimination Act. Anyone above the threshold of 40 is specifically covered by the Act. An elder lawyer can assist evaluate your complaint and take the appropriate steps to address the issue if you are employed or looking for work and feel that you are experiencing age discrimination.

Social Security

Social security ensures that the elders get certain benefits, monetary and otherwise. When you reach 61 and nine months old, you may start the Social Security application process. The current Social Security full retirement age is 67. An elder law attorney may assist to make sure that you get the appropriate amount of benefits depending on your condition if you obtain disability benefits before that age or become disabled after you reach the full retirement age.

Elder population surely makes up a considerable section of the total society, and they have every right to have access to legal help. If an aged person has been wronged and needs to be represented in a court of law, the best person to do that will be an elder law attorney. As they come with a specialization in the same, they will be able to represent the aged person with the best integrity and legal expertise.




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