What do You Call a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyers are the professionals who defend or fight for the individuals who are charged for doing a crime. A criminal lawyer is also called criminal defense lawyer defend individuals, organizations, business firms, and many other entities from various cases like assault, child abuse, domestic abuse, kidnapping, rape, etc.

In this article, we will discuss what do you call a criminal lawyer. It will help you to know a criminal lawyer and his duties.

What do You Call a Criminal Lawyer and Their process of fighting

Generally, he has a lot of duties and responsibilities. He practices a lot of things like appeal, post-conviction, revocation hearings, trail, etc. As a criminal lawyer, he does a lot of things to win a criminal defense case. Some of his tasks are given below:

  • Firstly, he investigates the cases and takes the interview of the witnesses.
  • Then he researches about that case, procedure law, criminal code, case law, etc.
  • Then he develops a strategy and builds a defense on how to win the case.
  • He makes a draft and argues some motions like motion to subdue, motion to dismiss, etc.
  • Then he advocates for the victim at trial.

The cases a Criminal Lawyer deals with:

A criminal lawyer deals with a lot of cases. He is a specialized professional in criminal law. Here we are giving some types of crimes a criminal lawyer generally handles:

  • Individual Crime: These crimes result in physical or mental damage to another person like assault, kidnapping, child abuse, etc.
  • Property Crime: This crime is interfering in another person’s property (for instance robbery, burglary, auto theft, larceny, etc.)
  • Statutory Crime: Statutory crimes are that type of crime which are proscribed by the statute of a country. The three most major statutory crimes are alcohol and drug-related offenses, traffic crimes, and white-collar crime.
  • Financial Crime: Financial crime includes money laundering, tax evasion, cybercrime, etc.
  • Inchoate Crime: This crime refers to the crime which was started but not finished—for instance, conspiracy, aiding, abetting, attempts, etc.

These are crime cases a criminal lawyer deal with.

Types of Criminal Lawyer?

  • Public Lawyer: Public lawyers are the kind of lawyers who handle low-quality cases. Generally, they are assigned to a state by the government. Their main task is to give advice and advocate in the trail for general people of a state. Clients do not pay them. Poor people who can’t afford a lawyer can get legal help from this type of lawyer.
  • Private Lawyer: They are hired by victims privately and charged a huge amount for every case. Generally, they are hired by high profile peoples. Middle class or lower-class people can’t afford them.
  • District Lawyer: The government has some local attorneys for the prosecution of the accused person of a crime. Every country appoints some of these kinds of lawyers at the local level for maintaining the law.
  • Panel Lawyer: Every government has a group of attorneys who are highly paid and work for public defense service. They are called panel lawyers.
  • Non-profit Lawyer: Some people can’t hire a lawyer. Non-profit lawyers work for them to get justice. They don’t charge any money for defending criminal defense cases. Non-profit lawyers conduct some organization.

Here we have given many types of criminal lawyer which you can find in your country. You may need different types of criminal lawyers in separate criminal cases or unusual situations. That is why this will help you a lot to find one that you need.


If you commit any crime or someone in a criminal case traps you, a criminal defense lawyer is the only one person who can help you. He is a specialized person in criminal law; he knows how to deal with it.

In this article, we discussed what do you call a criminal lawyer. We think that it will help you to know about a criminal lawyer, and after reading this article, you are now known how to do a criminal lawyer deal with your case.

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