What careers are available in Warehousing and Logistics?


In the last decade, logistics and warehousing have witnessed sporadic growth and an increase in market share. The increased demand for products across borders has also created an opening for employment generation. In 2019, over 81,000 people were employed by logistics and warehousing companies within a 60-minute drive of their college. The industry is expected to grow by 5.8% by 2026, creating more jobs and opening career opportunities to willing parties.

If you’re considering a career in warehousing and logistics, you’re on the right track. However, you may ask what careers are available to choose from. This article walks you through the various career options as you plug into the fast-growing industry.

Job: Packers, Canners, Bottlers, and Fillers

Average Annual Income: $24,500 – $31,500

Warehouse packers, pickers, bottlers, canners, or fillers are often in charge of preparing warehouse shipment orders. They are expected to have excellent stamina to withstand the rigors of the job. They are also expected to have learned the details of their job to improve efficiency and accuracy in task completion.

In some cases, basic computer skills may be necessary but not required. Other tasks performed include;

  • Using equipment like hoists, forklift trucks, or mobile cranes to move, label, pack, and seal containers.
  • Inspect containers such as bottles, cans, and others for faults and reject faulty products
  • Operate packaging machine to select appropriate containers, packaging materials, labels, etc.
  • Label goods manually or using a machine
  • Complete documentation necessary as required by the warehouse.

Job: Warehouse Operative or Worker

Average Annual Salary: $25,000 – $33,500

Warehouse operatives or workers assist with all shipping, inventory receipt, and inventory organization tasks within the warehouse. Their job, similar to the packers and pickers, can be physically demanding as they are mostly in charge of physically unloading and loading goods from and onto trucks, picking items from the shelf, product packaging, and preparation for shipment.

Warehouse workers also move items around the warehouse and ensure appropriate inventory tracking and labeling.

Job: Warehouse Associates

Average Annual Salary: $27,000 – $35,000

Warehouse associates are general labor additions to the warehouse and handle tasks like transporting, stocking, and pulling materials and products from and onto the shelves. Associates are also responsible for packing orders, maintaining inventory records, and organizing warehouses.

Some of the requirements of this position may include computer skills, a high school diploma, organizational skills, and physical stamina.

Job: Warehouse Clerk

Average Annual Salary: $27,000 – $35,500

Clerks are in charge of processing customer orders and assembling appropriate materials. They may also process financial transactions and assist in shipping and receiving goods into the warehouse.

Generally, clerks ensure that goods coming into the warehouse are organized and tracked. Those leaving the warehouse are also recorded to keep the inventory updated.

Job: Material Handlers

Average Annual Salary: $27,500 – $36,000

These workers move freight and stock to and from the loading docks, storage areas, delivery vehicles, and production areas. They do this manually or through machine-operated means like trucks, tractors, forklifts, etc.

They are also responsible for collaboratively maintaining stock in the warehouse and ensuring material movement from one section to another.

Job: Machine Operators

Average Annual Salary: $28,000 – $37,000

Machine operators handle the various machines in the warehouse. This job can be specialized or general, depending on the area of focus. Experienced machine operators can usually operate a variety of machines within the warehouse.

This job requires experience as well as physical stamina to operate heavy machines within the warehouse.

Job: Forklift Operator

Average Annual Salary: $28,000 – $35,500

These are trained workers who handle forklifts and other equipment within the warehouse. They pick and distribute, store and move goods and cargo from one warehouse area to another. Their job combines the operation of heavy-duty machinery with experience in driving through crowded and tight spaces. They are also excellent organizers and careful drivers.

Job: Warehouse Manager

Average Annual Salary: $39,500 – $63,500

They are in charge of the warehouse and its day-to-day operation, including receipt, storage, inventory, and dispatching of goods from the warehouse. Managers are also responsible for supervising and overseeing the warehouse staff, equipment, and operations.

Managers are required to have great people skills, working knowledge of safety procedures, equipment maintenance, and warehouse best practices.

Job: Inventory Control Manager

Average Annual Salary: $46,000 – $73,500

Inventory control managers oversee the inventory procedures and ensure that staff members follow the set guidelines for inventory processing. This is a good entry-level management job for university-trained people as it requires a bachelor’s degree and years of related experience.

Job: Distribution Center Manager

Average Annual Salary: $61,500 – $89,500

Distribution managers are in a critical management position and manage the warehouse’s supply chain. They oversee all activities from shipping to inventory, receiving, and more. They also coordinate the daily activities across all centers under their command.

The above shows many career opportunities with upward mobility within the logistics and warehousing industry. You too can benefit from them.




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