Viva Athena


Viva Athena is a certified adult actress on Pornhub. She is more than just a beautiful face with a gorgeous body. Find out more about her life by reading this article.

Viva Athena’s Bio

Viva Athena


Athena is of Asian descent, and her hometown is in Hong Kong. Given that she’s from a conservative region of the world that is not so open-minded when it comes to adult entertainment, her career choice is considered to be unconventional but brave.


Athena is a stunning petite lady who weighs only 100 lbs. and has measurements of 30-24-34. However, for a female Asian, she is quite tall, standing at 168 cm.

Moreover, Athena has black hair and black eyes. She also has several tattoos. One of the most notable ones is that seen on her arms.


Athena started her career as an adult actress in 2018. Her current Pornhub account has over 1,795,732 views, which is quite impressive.

Athena appears in videos with both men and women.


One of Athena’s main hobbies is having sex. She also likes reading books. However, most of the books that she reads are also about sex because she is very interested in the topic.

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