Virtual Skylight And All You Need To Know About Them

Have a skylight in your hall or rooms not just make it look magnificent, but also add a unique happy appeal to the place. Many of you may have thought of having it in your interior, but then have to drop the plan due to fitting space issues.

The theory is simple; not every home has a spot for a skylight, and adding it after the construction can be a tricky thing to do.

Luckily, now you have a way which can resolve these problems-the Virtual skylights. This post will introduce you to this new technology and also tell you the several benefits that this virtual skylight can serve for you. Read on:

What Is Virtual Skylight?

Virtual skylight is a new concept of ceiling-based lights that can create an illusion of a natural outdoor environment. They are the realistic-looking virtual windows for your ceiling that make it look like you have a skylight on it. Interior designers and homeowners usually prefer them to mimic daylight, which helps them to attain a better ambiance and a livelier looking indoor.

 Some manufacturers like the Innerscene also provide you with a night-ready skylight for your homes. These lights not only mimic the daylight but also allow you to create virtual moonlight experiences during the nights. Their model the Innerscene A7 can even simulate sunset colors, sky color tones, and several intensities for more realistic experiences.

The light intensity of this model can range anywhere between 6750 LUX for Sky Illumination light mode to 2500 LUX for the Sun Illuminance mode. It can further drop to approximately 0.3 LUX for an authentic moonlight experience.

Benefits Of A Virtual Skylight

While the concept of virtual skylight seems identical to adding light, it’s not. These lights are way better than standard light and, in some cases, even the real skylight.

Here’s a list of benefits that will offer you clarity over this section.


Installing a real skylight is a good additive, but it depends on the outside environment. For instance, if it’s raining, you will have dull light, whereas, for a sunny day, you may have more than the required intensity of light. There is no way to control light intensity and color tones in this case, but with virtual light, you can do it. No matter what happens outside, you can freely enjoy the tones and indoor environment you desire.

In the case of CFL and LED, you can expect the control over light intensity, but their color toes are fixed. Moreover, their dispensers, glasses, and other element are cannot scatter the light like a virtual skylight.

Customizable Structure

CFL and LED come in multiple shapes, but they are not customizable. You can’t visit their dealer with a particular size or build. The thing is possible with real skylight, but most of the dealers will provide them in standard sizes only.

Being a new technological breakthrough, virtual skylights are free from this standardization. You will find them in several types of shapes, including circular, rectangular, triangular, and square. Manufacturers can even provide you with multiple sizes of these lights.

Flexible Positioning

Considering the different shapes and sizes s of the virtual skylights, you are free to select any installation spot on the ceiling. You can install them in the middle of your home, in the corners, or in any other position without a single problem.

This flexibility is unexpected for real skylights because they need natural light to work. It means that you have to position the window in such a way that their backside gets access to direct sunlight. The CFL and other similar light can offer flexibility, but again, they have limited sizes and color tones option, which makes them a lousy choice here.

Wrap Up

Virtual skylights are an excellent way to add natural-looking light to your indoor and enhance its looks. The light offers you customization, appeals, and flexibility that no other light source, not even the actual skylights, can offer. The models like the Innerscene A7 even provide you the option to create virtual moonlight in your interior environment.

So, these lights are in every way a viable interior designing gadget, and you must surely consider getting them for your space.

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