Using Marketer’s Magic! The Smart Way

When you’re wanting to get the best in marketing, there is one individual who’s made a platform that you can literally get to help in your automation tasks. His name is Kevin David, and he’s actually a marketing genius who made 10 million bucks within only two years. But what he did was help to work his tail off to make a successful product and incorporate it with his automation tactics to succeed. What he did after that was create a platform called Marketer Magic that contains numerous tools in one solid platform in the form of a software suite to help other people succeed as well. In this guide, we’ll tell you a little bit about how you can use marketer magic the smart way.

Automation in Many Avenues

Whether it’s shortening links for your website and products, or even being able to contact numerous professionals like doctors and network-related members, or even better, maximizing your advertising campaign, you can actually increase your revenue ten-fold. Add that with a bit of automation, and you can literally use the powerhouse tools of Marketer Magic to fully turn your ROI around into triple digit percentage rates. If you ever need any help, they even have a Facebook Page and utilize a plethora of tools that you can use to increase your customer’s personal experience (more on that soon)

Increasing Personalization

While you’re using things like ManyChat and other applications to increase your digital marketing campaign, Marketer Magic actually helps to increase some personalization for your customers. One of the small applications in the software actually allows your customers to receive a personalized message or picture that has their real first name on it! Use this amazing feature to tell them thank you, say hello, or make them feel like you’re actually trying to contact them yourself. Throw some automation techniques in there, and you’ve got a full-fledged personal connection with your customers.

Real Time Analytics

While there are many people who are just okay with Google analytics and other means, being able to have full diagnostics and statistics is something that can greatly help you with not only your advertising campaign, but also shows people social proof of people that stop by your website. Therefore, by having your page visited, social proof helps to actually show people. It’s more helpful than just the standard old page visit counters of yesteryear.


If you want to know how to use Marketer Magic the smart way, you’ll want to swing over to Smart Bot Marketers and take a look at their free tutorials that show you how to use the software, and explain some great tips and details with real experience on how it works. You don’t just get a custom video of someone saying “here’s how it worked for me” and then telling you what to do that revolves around it like you would by an average YouTuber, but you actually get a demonstration of the software in action so you can apply your own tactics hands-on and follow along to get the most out of your marketing.

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