Understanding dental implant procedure to allay fear around it


Artificial teeth or dental implants fill in the space of missing teeth to help you continue doing your oral activities for overall health. Small metal (titanium) posts are lodged in the jawbone to attach bridges, crowns, and partial or complete dentures. After launching the bar into the dental bone, dentists leave it for a few days to let it settle. Later, they connect it with an abutment. A dental implant can be a solution when dentures or bridgeworks fail to suit your need. The procedure varies from person to person based on their oral condition and the choice of implant.

Patients can experience pain around the implant, facial and gum swelling, bruised gums, minor bleeding, etc. Your dentist will prescribe appropriate medications to deal with these. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable, make sure to talk to them for further investigation. A certified and experienced dentist Las Vegas will take good care of your dental health during and after the treatment. Hence, don’t worry about anything. Before this, let’s dig into different aspects of this procedure for some ideas.

  • Parts of dental implant 

As mentioned, an implant post is a screw-like structure that a dentist puts into your jawbone during surgery. It resembles a dental root with its tapered ends. To meet a patient’s dental structural requirement, these can be of different sizes (length and width). Large teeth need more prominent posts, and narrow ones need narrower designs. Think of molars and incisors. Usually, smaller implants feature longer posts for a solid and firm grip. The bar has a hollow space to fit the abutment, which appears like a small tooth extending above the gum line. Abutments can differ based on whether they support dentures or bridges and crowns. It would need time to heal and become secured before the dentist fixes the bridge, height, or denture.

A dental crown usually works in single-tooth replacement cases. These ceramic or composite porcelain materials mimic the feel of a natural tooth sitting over the abutment. However, several teeth replacements will require dental bridges that can again be porcelain material. A bridge requires two implants to hold a row of teeth firmly. The dentist ensures that the bridge looks similar to your natural teeth color. If it involves complete jaw teeth replacement, a dentist may recommend implant-based dentures, which tend to be different from traditional gum-supported dentures that need suction to get fixed. Nevertheless, you can trust this also to help you enjoy your natural smile.

  • Recovery from dental implant procedures

It can be a simple, moderate, or complex treatment method based on your oral health condition. Single tooth replacement with no need for bone grafting will be easier and cause little pain or discomfort. Slightly advanced treatment may lead to bruising, swelling, and other mild dental issues. However, complex procedures, including bone grafting, may delay your recovery. You may eat only soft food for a few weeks after surgery. In this context, it’s necessary to know that having pain after a week of surgery is normal. However, if it stays for two weeks, you can talk to your dentist because the infection can be the culprit here.

Some patients experience pain even after three months of their surgery. Varied reasons can be responsible for this, such as allergy, infection, nerve damage; weak blood circulation, immune disorder, etc. They must speak to their dentist for immediate help. Nevertheless, advanced dental procedures like implants offer an immensely successful experience. But problems may arise when the implant refuses to blend with the bone. Plus, personal habits like smoking can harm it. When bone doesn’t accept the implant, a dentist removes it and cleans the area before trying this procedure again several weeks later.

  • Signs and symptoms of failing dental implant

You already know when to get alert and get in touch with your dentist. Now, let’s explore what happens when something goes wrong. Since infection is one factor, you can notice it developing in swollen and red gums that might also leak. Receding bone is rare, but this can be another thing. Infections are common, but you can manage them. The dentist may recommend antibiotics for gum healing. However, a bone infection can be tricky, requiring strong medicine or implant removal.

Furthermore, if you don’t choose the right doctor for this surgery, you can risk your blood vessels and teeth with damage. During the implant surgery, a dentist needs to drill the jawbone area. Any misstep at this stage increases the risk of root damage. Still, this is also treatable. An expert dentist can cover the damage with a cap or filling to save the pulp. If this gets affected, a root canal will be the next step.

Some people worry about developing sinus issues after a dental implant. Again, it’s rare, but you must be aware of this. Usually, upper jaw treatment involves this risk. A doctor must be careful when inserting the dental post into the bone. The hollow bone in the face and sinuses inside may get hurt if something goes wrong. The dentist will remove your implant and repair the bone when this happens.

  • Dental implant longevity

This advanced dental treatment has sorted many lives with its effectiveness. It can be costly based on the complexity of the procedure, but its benefits are manifold. When you take care of your implants well, you can enjoy their effects for many years. However, you will have to ensure a few things from your end. One is oral hygiene, which includes using proper cleaning and brushing methods. Another is a regular dental clinic visit to keep an eye on their condition. And lastly, controlling unpleasant dental habits is equally necessary. For instance, avoid biting candies and other hard items that can break your dental crowns. Maintain distance from tobacco and caffeine to avoid staining issues.

Since you get well-qualified dentists in the resort city of Las Vegas, you can go for this treatment with mental peace. They will fix any problem that bothers you to help you smile more. You can trust them to give you the best results.




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