Ultimate Guide to Sell My Car Quickly

A marketing expert has very well quoted that selling is an art and like a brain teaser that can give you hard times if the deals aren’t right.  We at Driveo also have the same thoughts that’s why, for our visitors who are looking for answers to – “How to sell a car?’ here we have come up with an ultimate guide that will give you the tips to sell your car.

It is a fact that to sell your car fast, you don’t need to hang around waiting for a good price.  Get rid of worries of thinking about how to sell my car? , and get ready with an action plan.

To maximize the amount of money you receive selling your car online (or elsewhere) can mean waiting a little longer. We explore all your options to look at the time vs. hassle impact on your sale price.

For most people, the primary motive for selling their car online has traditionally been to get more money, rather than to do it speedily.

It takes a little more effort than a part-exchange from a dealer – but, statistically speaking, selling online privately through a classified website, can bring in about 20-30 percent more cash than a trade-in would do. However, as it’s not as quick, this can often mean paying additional maintenance, road tax, and insurance while you wait. Plus, you’ll need to arrange the advert for the car and be available to potential buyers who will turn up on your doorstep.

There’s also likely to be some haggling over price, which can be awkward and will potentially ruin your profit margin. It’s not for everyone. That being said, online classifieds are by far the most common way to advertise used cars for sale. The internet offers a huge audience – and many buyers are often prepared to travel long distances for the right car.

Sometimes handing the keys over as fast as possible is all you want to do. There are a vast array of online classified sites and websites like Driveo that offer exclusive plans to sell your car. However, it’s a good idea to look around and opt for the offer that will guarantee the greatest amount of interest and exposure.

Making the most out of your car and putting together an effective advertisement is key to selling it quickly with a classified ad or online auction. Don’t worry here we are exploring all the options to find the answer to the query,” how to sell my car?”

You can Sell your Car Online

If you think classifieds are not for you, there has recently been a rise in online car buying services, companies like Driveo and The Car Buying Group, offers a hassle-free process. The idea is that sellers go to their websites to describe their carat expected price. There are two options present. Either you take the car to the buyer or the online dealer can pick your car and can drop at the buyer.

Private Selling of the Car

If your car is in a selling position and has value as an on-the-road car, you can sell it easily to a private owner. This can be a better deal and a quick giveaway. For finding the answer to “How to sell my car”, the first step is to be friends with your car if you aren’t yet. When you know everything about your car, you can even convince the best car dealer in your city at the asking price.

Create a Sell-able Car out of scrap

If the car is standing out for long without care then even a good conditioned car turns into a scrap. It is a fact that the car sellers must accept and deal with it. So, before you lose interest in your old car cleaning and repair, take the opportunity to get it repaired for some money and later on sell it at a handsome price or buy a new car in exchange for your old car. This is the best way to do a profitable deal while purchasing your brand new dream car and not letting your old car turn into scrap.

Preparation to Sell Quickly

Make sure to check the following before approaching a car dealer or buyer for your car:

  • Check the car engine
  • Make your car look good and attractive, get the interior repaired
  • Check the working condition of accessories like music system
  • Revamping cosmetic faults for a speedy sale
  • Checking of the tyres is a must
  • Ensuring your tyres are in good working order can make a great sale

Once these checks are done, have confidence that you are asking for a fair price for your car. This is the key element in following the tips of How to sell my car?Remember, your confidence is going to reflect in your communication directly with the dealer or car buyer.

Intentions of a fair deal

Car selling and buying is a common affair these days as people like to keep changing their cars to meet the fashionable trends of the market. But it is advisable that before you jump to sell your car, make sure that you are going to be a great seller. Prior to executing your plan on the “sell my car” mission, make the following preparations.

  • Keep the car documents ready.
  • Keep the manual ready, if you are not carrying it then consult a dealer and get one
  • Document the repairing and technical details of the car to facilitate the buyer
  • Prepare a document to mention all the major parts changing, if you have done.

Remember, with good intentions, it will be a pleasant experience to sell your car in the quickest manner.


The selling and buying of a car (used or a new one) is still an experience for the buyer and he is always curious and carrying a feeling of pride in making a deal. So, when you are on a mission to “sell my car”, make it a sweet memory by coordinating and preparing yourself before you sell your car.

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