Toto Steubesand’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Inspiration for Aspiring Business Owners


Toto Steubesand, a visionary entrepreneur with a keen sense of business and a desire to uplift others, has made a remarkable impact in the world of security services. His journey began in 2013 when he assumed the mantle of CEO at ZST Security Service Consulting and Technology GmbH, a premier security company nestled in the heart of Bordesholm, northern Germany. Drawing upon his rich leadership experience garnered from his family laundry business and the German Navy, Toto transformed and expanded the company into a formidable security provider in the region.

Revamping a business can be an uphill task, but Toto’s self-assurance and fortitude enabled him to maintain the company’s stellar reputation. ZST Security offers a vast array of services, ranging from installing advanced alarm systems and window locks to providing personal protection and deploying detectives to investigate suspicious events at clients’ residences. The company’s confidential approach instills a sense of trust in clients, reassuring them that their homes are safe and secure.

Apart from conventional security services, ZST Security collaborates with Toto’s martial arts academy, AbwehrKraft, to offer self-defense courses that equip people with the skills and knowledge to defend themselves in life-threatening situations. Toto firmly believes that everyone should have access to the tools necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

ZST Security goes above and beyond traditional security services by providing chauffeuring services with trained bodyguards. Clients can choose between a minibus and a limousine, assuring their safety and well-being during transit. Parents concerned about their children’s safety can entrust Toto Steubesand and his team to keep a watchful eye over them as they travel to daycare, the babysitter’s home, or after-school tutoring.

Toto Steubesand’s outstanding leadership qualities have been instrumental in driving ZST Security’s success. His unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and trust has enabled the company to cultivate a loyal customer base. Many clients rely on the company’s services for their home security needs. Toto’s pursuit of excellence is reflected in ZST Security’s use of cutting-edge security technology, ensuring that clients receive top-notch service.

To learn more about Toto Steubesand and ZST Security, check out his website here.




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