Top Tips for Temporarily Relocating for Work

The opportunity to move elsewhere for work can be an exciting prospect. Whether it’s the chance to move up the career ladder or simply getting to experience a different city and culture, there are many perks to relocating for your job. Some of these moves can be permanent, but others are only for a temporary period. If you have accepted a temporary position for a job in a different part of the world, here are a few things you will need to do before you go and when you arrive at your destination. 

Rent Your Home

If you’re a homeowner renting your house or apartment while you’re away is a good idea. This will help you to keep on top of your mortgage payments as well as allowing you to make some extra cash. Have a tenancy agreement written and make sure you have a tenant who has signed the lease before you go. You should also organize a handyman or someone you can trust to be left in charge of the maintenance of your property, and any other issues that your tenant might have while you’re away. 


Whether you’re renting your home out or not, it’s a good idea to move your valuables into a secure storage unit for the duration of your work trip. Numerous companies provide both moving and storage services, and usually, the leases on storage units are flexible contracts that will be ideal for your temporary stay in another state/city/country. You can also find temperature-controlled storage units for delicate items, as well as units that are designed to hold cars and other vehicles if this is something you will require.


Make sure you do some research into the area you’re moving to. The company you work for may organize your accommodation for you for the duration of your job, but it’s always worth looking into the different areas of the town/city to make sure you stay safe. You should also look into what cultural activities there are available for you to enjoy, and other opportunities to visit different towns, cities, and natural areas of beauty near where you’re staying and working. If you are going to work abroad, take the time to learn the language to make your transition easier, even if it is just some basic words and phrases. 

Keep in Contact with Friends and Family

If you’re going to work in a place where you don’t know anyone, you’ll likely end up feeling homesick on occasion. This is why staying in regular contact with friends and family while you’re away is a good idea. Not only will it give them peace of mind to know you’re safe and healthy, but you can also enjoy their company and keep up to date with each other’s lives. If you’re in a different time-zone, try to schedule video-chat or phone calls at reasonable times for each other.


When opportunities to socialize with colleagues and their friends at your new place of work present themselves, take them. While it’s important to stay in touch with loved ones from back home, you should try to make a new circle of friends who can keep you company while you work away from home. 

Having to move temporarily for work can be a positive and exciting experience, make sure you’re getting the most out of it by using these top tips. 

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